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The Wiki has moved to a new self-hosted Wiki! See details on the fork discussion page.
This page can be found on the new Wiki at: Eden Wiki

Game Timers:
Time until 564000001.png+564000003.png:  

411004008 l.png Langelo appears in:  
411004008 l.png Peasuke appears in:  

Time until Daily Reset:  
411000002 l.png Cat mail
20 Gem.png 5/5 Future special.pngGift mail.png Ads
Banners Ending time
Whispers of Time
Time until Weekly Reset:  
AD Completion: 120Another dungeon token.png
Shop reset: 10564000001.png+10564000003.png (only)
Untill CC colab end:  

Front banner 2.png

Download the game on Android, iOS, or Steam.

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Start: August 23 @ 03:00 UTC

The app must be updated to Ver 2.13.200.
Another New Content
  • 2.13.200
  • The 500 CS reward for SS Post will be distributed next update.
    • Duration: Until ???, 2022 14:59 UTC
  • Previous updates
    • The campaign 10 pulls reward will be distributed
      • Duration: Until August 25, 2022 14:59 UTC
    • Return from the maze to obtain CS, up to 3 times!
      • Obtain 50/100/150 CS If you successfully return from the maze
        • Duration: Until August 31, 2022 14:59 UTC


  • Collaborate with other editors in the Another Eden Discord's #wiki channel here!