Adamantine Weapons

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Adamantine Weapons are powerful Level 50 weapons rivaling even some of the later Level 60 weapons. Only one can be created per save file, and requires completing a hidden quest to create (unlocked after Chapter 21 / Tower of Stars).

The quest completion story text suggests the level 50 weapon you choose could be enhanced in later game installments, further adding significance to your choice.


After completing Tower of Stars, Professor Chronos will give the player a Geo Metal Lock Box, which needs to be turned into Geo Metal.

The professor will mention that the Geo Metal currently inside is extremely radioactive, with a half-life of 20,000 years - hinting that the Geo Metal needs to be "aged" before it can be used, starting the hidden quest line.

Icon Name Description Obtain
Key item.png Geo Metal Lock Box A lock box from Professor Chronos containing Geo Metal. Reward as a part of Chapter 21 after completing the [[Tower of Stars]].

Obtaining Geo Metal[edit]

Icon Name Description Obtain
Key item.png Geo Metal A hard metal created from the multi-dimensional energy of pseudo Geo Prisma. The process is difficult, but worth it as it allows the creation of powerful weapons. However it also creates radiation, and the half-life of the material is roughly 20,000 years. After obtaining [[Geo Metal Lock Box]] head to 300 AD: Desert from [[The Riftbreaker]]. Head towards the right to get to the town of [[Zarbo]]. From the town entrance continue heading right and enter the house near the end. Inside will be an elderly woman on the left and a Strange Doll on the right.

Touch the Strange Doll to be transported to [[Sarupa]]. Head towards the bottom-right of the map and touch the stone statue to bury the Geo Metal Lock Box.

Return to [[Zarbo]] and head towards the bottom-right of the map and touch the stone statue again. After the cutscene head towards [[Last Island]] go towards the bottom-right of the map and touch the stone statue again to receive [[Geo Metal]].

Obtaining Geo Metal Documents[edit]

Once Geo Metal has been obtained, the next step is figuring out how to use it. The only one who might have a clue is the assistant Professor Chronos left behind, Galliard the Second.

Icon Name Description Obtain
Key item.png Geo Metal Documents Research notes written by Professor Chronos explaining how to work Geo Metal. Talk to Galliard the Second at the top floor of [[Tower of Stars]] after obtaining [[Geo Metal]].

Reading the Documents[edit]

After obtaining the Geo Metal Documents, next is finding someone who can understand the material. Find the scientist who previously worked with Professor Chronos to read the documents. He can be found in the back room of the top-right house in the Elzion Gamma District.

After giving the scientist the Geo Metal Documents, the player can now create the Adamantine Weapons.

Selecting the Weapon[edit]

Once you have decided on which weapon to create, talk to the scientist again to select which weapon you want to create. Only one Adamantine Weapon can currently be created in the game, so make sure you are positive with your choice. The following are the selectable Adamantine weapons:

Icon Name Level Atk MAtk
211010161 ui.png Adamantine Sword (Base) 50 155 50
211020161 ui.png Adamantine Katana (Base) 50 161 55
211030161 ui.png Adamantine Ax (Base) 50 167 40
211040161 ui.png Adamantine Lance (Base) 50 155 50
211050161 ui.png Adamantine Bow (Base) 50 140 60
211060161 ui.png Adamantine Knuckles (Base) 50 152 55

Weapon Recommendations[edit]

GameOpera[1] mentions that all the weapons are strong, and your weapon of choice should be dependent on either your strongest or your favorite character.

Alternatively, the recommendation from Altema ranks the weapons as follows[2]:

Weapon Recommendation
Katana ★★★★★
Sword ★★★☆☆
Bow ★★★☆☆
Ax ★★★☆☆
Fist ★★☆☆☆
Spear ★★☆☆☆

The reasoning for the Katana being the recommended weapon of choice is due to the wide range of users for it. Other weapon options have better versions released, and will therefore fall off in the future.


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