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Adamantine Weapons are powerful Level 50 weapons rivaling even some of the later Level 60 weapons. Only two can be created per save file, and requires completing a hidden quest to create (unlocked after Chapter 21 / Tower of Stars).


After completing Tower of Stars, Professor Chronos will give the player a Geo Metal Lock Box, which needs to be turned into Geo Metal. The professor will mention that the Geo Metal currently inside is extremely radioactive, with a half-life of 20,000 years - hinting that the Geo Metal needs to be "aged" before it can be used, starting the hidden quest line.

  • After obtaining Geo Metal Lock Box, head to 300 AD: Rucyana from The Riftbreaker.
  • Travel east until you enter the town of Zarbo. Enter the house that's furthest east, then touch the Strange Doll on the right.
  • You will be transported to Sarupa. Examine the southeast corner of the map, and touch the statue to bury the Lock Box.
  • Return to Zarbo and examine the weathered statue in the southeast corner of the map.
  • Travel to the Last Island and examine the statue in the southeast corner. You will receive the Geo Metal.
  • Return to the top of the Tower of Stars and speak with Galliard the Second to receive the Geo Metal Documents.
  • Travel to the northeast corner of Elzion Gamma District. Enter the back room of the house and speak with the Former Scientist to decipher the documents.
  • You now get the ability to make an Adamantine Weapon.

Although Professor Chronos mentioned that the weapon has a half-life of 20,000 years, attempting to retrieve the Geo Metal in Zarbo will result in Riica informing Aldo that radioactivity is still detected. Riica then suggests that Professor Chronos' calculations may be wrong, and Aldo replies that they will need to retrieve it in another era.

Selecting the Weapon

Once you have decided on which weapon to create, talk to the scientist again to select which weapon you want to create. Only two Adamantine Weapons can currently be created in the game, so make sure you are certain of your choice. The following are the selectable Adamantine weapons:

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Weapon Upgrade

The ability to upgrade the Adamantine Weapon is introduced during version 1.8.6. To first unlock the series of subquests for the Adamantine weapon upgrade, you must first complete the Ogre Wars Part 2 (Main Story Chapter 44) and finish both the IDA School Part 1: Absolute Zero Chain and The 1000 Year Ark of the Ocean Palace Episodes. You must also have completed the side quest chain Farewell to the Past: Forever in Our Memories at Laula Dome.

  • Speak to the Former Scientist in the northeast house in Elzion Gamma District. You need either a Mysterious Liquid or a Precious Nut.
    • The Mysterious Liquid improves your Adamantine Weapon's base stats.
    • The Precious Nut gives a bonus ability to your Adamantine Weapon, which gives +20% Type attack and +100% reserve MP regeneration.
  • Speak to the Archaeology Buff in the northwest house of Elzion Theta District to learn more about both materials. You will gain the Glamorous Whetstone.
  • Leave the house, and you are forced to exchange the Glamorous Whetstone for a Well-Used Pencil.
  • Travel to Rinde and speak with the man in the northeast corner. You will exchange the Well-used Pencil for Illusory Orca-Sandfish.
  • Travel towards the northeast corner of Baruoki. You will lose the Sandfish, and gain a Metallic Tie.
  • Travel to the Administrator's Office in Elzion. Speak with one of the four robots there, and exchange the Metallic Tie for a Huge Glass Ball.
  • Speak to the fortune teller in Konium Tavern. You will exchange the Huge Glass Ball for a Stardust Shell.
  • Travel to the east side of Laula Dome and speak with Dankes. (Requires completion of Farewell to the Past: Forever in Our Memories as the final quest from Sarana)
  • Chase the girl into the wheat fields. You will get a Quattro Leaf from her.
  • Find Lord Sharkington in IDA School H Block 1F, and trade the Quattro Leaf for a sound orb with his voice recording, the Lord Sharkington's Orb.
  • Travel to Kira Beach, and speak to the Turtle for an Explosive Walnut. (This will become the Precious Nut.)
    • Travel to the Vasu Mountains fishing spot and speak to Lord Ukulele. You can trade the Explosive Walnut here for the Ukalelongevity. (This will become the Mysterious Liquid.) You can swap the items back if you change your mind.
  • Bury either the Explosive Walnut or Ukalongevity at the statue in the southeast corner of Sarupa.
  • Retrieve the matured material from the southeast corner of the Last Island, the Matured Explosive Walnut or Matured Ukalelongevity respectively..
  • Return to the Former Scientist with the upgrade material in hand.
    • Before you confirm your upgrade, you can return to Lord Ukulele to swap your matured material.

Upgraded Weaponry

Icon Type Name Level ATK MATK Obtain

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Obtaining the Second Adamantine Weapon

  • To obtain a second Geo Metal Lock Box you need to Obtain & Upgrade the first Adamantine Weapon

The Second Geo Metal Lock Box is available far left on Underground Labyrinth - Mirror Room, which can be accessed from Deirdre's Quarters room on the 2nd floor of the Parallel Miglance Castle.

The obtained Geo Metal Lock Box can be used as a material to make a second Adamanite weapons by burying it below Zarbo Statue and retrieving it from the Last Island Statue. Proceed to the Former Scientist Home to create the Adamanite weapon

Upgrading the Second Adamantine Weapon

  • Speak to the Former Scientist in the northeast house in Elzion Gamma District. You need either a Ukulele Juice or Kakudan Milk
    • Aged Uku-Grape Juice improves your Adamantine Weapon's base stats.
    • Aged Kakudan Cheese gives a bonus ability to your Adamantine Weapon, which gives +20% Type attack and +100% reserve MP regen.
  • Go to the tavern on Ratle & Talk to the Tavern Master to obtain Kakudan Milk

[Uku-Grape Juice Upgrade Route]

  • Trade the Kakudan Milk to Lord Ukulele on Vasu Mountain for Uku-Grape Juice
  • Place the Juice near the Statue at bottom right of Sarupa
  • Examine the Statue at the Last Island and obtain Aged Uku-Grape Juice

[Aged Kakudan Cheese Upgrade Route]

  • Place the milk near the Statue at bottom right of Sarupa
  • Examine the Statue at the Last Island and obtain Aged Kakudan Cheese

[After obtaining the fermented product]

  • Hand over the product to the Former Scientist in the northeast house in Elzion Gamma District.
    • You can exchange the fermented product with Lord Ukulele on Vasu Mountain if you changed your mind.

Weapon Recommendations

GameOpera[1] mentions that all the weapons are strong, and your weapon of choice should be dependent on either your strongest or your favorite character.

Alternatively, the recommendation from Altema ranks the weapons as follows[2]:

Weapon Recommendation
Katana ★★★★★
Spear ★★★★☆
Sword ★★★★☆
Fist ★★★☆☆
Ax ★☆☆☆☆
Bow ★☆☆☆☆

The reasoning for the Katana being the recommended weapon of choice is due to there being no other Katanas with the Type Attack+ ability. Other weapon options have better versions released, and will therefore fall off in the future.


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