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Another Dungeon is a part of the game which unlocks after Chapter 10 and can be accessed from the Spacetime Rift by talking to the Nameless Girl next to the Blue Door.

The Another Dungeons allow the player to traverse harder versions of levels they've already completed. These feature level-boosted enemies that drop different materials which are used to make new equipment. The Hard difficulty for most Another Dungeons is the only available difficulty until the player completes Chapter 25, after which the Very Hard difficulties will unlock, provided the player has already completed the dungeon's Hard difficulty first. Another Dungeons tied to Side Episodes behave differently, as their difficulties unlock with episode progression instead.

Another Dungeons also give additional completion rewards based on the total Light or Shadow in the party. This is the only way the player can earn Badges and Memoirs. Running through Another Dungeons comprises a bulk of the postgame content.


  • It costs a 564000001.png564000003.pngKey Card to enter the dungeon.
  • A Key Card is replenished every 6 hours, beginning at the daily reset time 15:00 UTC.
  • Alternatively, Chronos Stones x20 can be used in place of a Key Card.
  • The number of drops once a dungeon is completed is dependent on the total Light / Shadow points your team has.


Unlike during normal play, some actions are restricted in the dungeon. The menu only allows the following options:

  • Party - You can only rearrange the party brought in to the dungeon. Other characters or teams cannot be swapped in. Weapons, armour and skills also cannot be changed.
  • Food
  • Quit - Leave the dungeon
  • Other (Settings)

Additionally, the amount of enemies which can be fought on each map of the dungeon is also limited to 5 battles (running from these fights is included in the count). After a certain amount of fights, a message saying "The enemy has disappeared..." will appear and a player will no longer encounter enemies on that map.

Rare Areas

It is possible for the 2nd and 3rd maps of a dungeon to turn into a Rare area. These maps have the same map layout, and the only difference is the name of the map being a different name as their normal counterparts. The following is a list of the rare map names:

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Rare maps have higher Memoir item drop rates from the treasure chests, and some contain rare Horrors that drop unique materials.

The probabilities of a map turning into a rare area are as follows[1]:

Probability Description
79% Chance that both the 2nd Map and 3rd Map spawn as Normal maps
10% Probability of only the 2nd Map being Rare
10% Probability of only the 3rd Map being Rare
1% Probability of BOTH 2nd and 3rd Map being Rare

Rare Horrors

Rare Horrors are Horrors which ONLY spawn in Rare maps in Another Dungeon in place of the normal Horror. These Rare Horrors have materials which only they drop. Rare maps can occur on the 2nd or 3rd map of the dungeon, but since Horrors only spawn on the 1st and 2nd map, rare Horrors will only appear on 2nd Rare maps. The chance of the 2nd map becoming a rare map is approximately 11%.

Name Type Level Locations Weaknesses Resists Absorbs Drops


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Dungeon Completion Reward

Completing a dungeon gives between 0 to 3 rewards, depending on the amount of Light or Shadow points your team has in total. Note that this is the total value of only Light points or only Shadow points, not both together.

The following table outlines how many points needed to obtain the rewards[2].

Difficulty 1st Reward 2nd Reward 3rd Reward
Hard None 24+ 96+
Very Hard 24+ 60+ 120+

For the third reward, each dungeon will either be Light or Shadow-based. For example, Moonlight Forest is Shadow-based, so to unlock the 3rd reward, you have a team that totals 96+ Shadow points. See List of Dungeons (Hard) and List of Dungeons (Very Hard) for which type each dungeon is.

The Present, Antiquity, and Future Garulea dungeons are exceptions and allow for up to 5 rewards.

Dungeon 1st Reward 2nd Reward 3rd Reward 4th Reward 5th Reward
Garulea 24+ 60+ 120+ 240+ 360+

Badge Rewards

See also: Badges

Which badges are rewarded depend on the dungeon as well as the reward line at the end of the dungeon, affecting what the main stat of the badge can be. The secondary stat will then either be one of the other five stats, or no secondary stat at all. The following table details which dungeon and reward line reward which badges:

Badges stats are determined as follows:

  • Main Stat - Varies depending on reward line and dungeon, listed in the table below.
  • Sub Stat - Can be any of the other five stats, or no sub stat at all.

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Story Character Light/Shadow Points

For most characters, increasing light/shadow points is done by summoning duplicates of the character from Dreams. However, this cannot be done for characters obtained through the story.

Instead, there is a 10% chance in Hard, 20% chance in Very Hard and 25% chance in 2x Green Key ADs[3] when a story character is in the party while running specific Another Dungeons for their light/shadow points to increase by 1. The corresponding dungeons are as follows[4]:

  • Light/Shadow increase happens on the "Congratulations" screen after you get the rewards. It has a special animation that cannot be missed (the only exception being the "Toto Theatre World" AD).
  • The character does not have to be in the front-line of the party, nor do they need to be alive.
  • The character does not have to be in a specific style.

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564000101.pngWhite Keys

White Keys are introduced in version 1.3.8. At the end of any Another Dungeon run, regardless of location or difficulty, there is a 10% chance that the player receives a White Key. This gives them access to the Phantom Crystal Dimension, a bonus level that offers the chance of acquiring large amounts of Git, experience scrolls and Scripts.

The player can only hold one White Key at a time, so it is advisable to use it as soon as possible.

Another dungeon token.pngTsubura's Gems

Tsubura's Gems are introduced in version 1.5.1. The player is awarded 10 Gems on completion of any Very Hard Another Dungeon run, regardless of location. These Gems can be traded at the Nopaew Emporium for items that normally have very low drop rates, like Chant Scripts. The player can only obtain a maximum of 120 Gems per week, with the limit resetting every Tuesday, 3am (UTC).


The Otherlands is another region of exploration introduced in v1.3.5. They are accessed through the Another Dungeon menu, and only become available after completing Chapter 25.

The Otherlands areas follow the same rules as standard Another Dungeon runs, with each map only spawning five sets of encounters before they disappear. Each area also has a set number of bosses the player needs to defeat before the next area is unlocked. Commencing an Otherlands run, regardless of its difficulty, consumes two 564000001.png, and behind each boss is a portal that lets the player return to the Spacetime Rift with all the materials they have collected. It is not necessary to defeat every single boss in an area in a single run, but the increased Green Key cost may encourage this.

The player can also encounter shiny monsters, which yield very rare drops but are prone to running away from battle at first opportunity. These very rare drops are necessary for equipment upgrades.

There are no completion rewards for the first three maps of each Otherlands area. The fourth, which only contains a single chest and a boss fight, will give completion rewards like normal Another Dungeon runs, albeit with inflated Light/Shadow requirements per reward slot. The drops from both random encounters and bosses are used to craft and upgrade special weapons and armor - Hard difficulty gives material for armor, while Very Hard is used for weapons.

Difficulty 1st Reward 2nd Reward 3rd Reward
Hard 24+ 60+ 120+
Very Hard 48+ 120+ 180+
Region Version Weapons Armor
Otherlands: Baruoki Region 1.3.5
Otherlands: Ratle Region 1.4.2
Otherlands: Elzion Region 1.6.1

List of Dungeons (Hard)[4]

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List of Dungeons (Very Hard) [4]

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Note: Tomes marked with an asterisk (*) are exclusive to Very Hard.

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