Auction Quests

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Auction Quests/Armor of the Third Aldo now wishes to sell the bundle at an even higher price. He joins te auction to sell the katana and armor.
  • Save up 2,000 ROC to participate in the armor auction.
  • Talk to the receptionist and participate in the auction for the armor.
Auction Quests/Aurora Scale Aldo goes to the pond in the Nuaru Uplands to get his hands on an Aurora Scale. However, there is a rather difficult diver there at the moment.
  • Learn how to motivate someone from the villagers of Baruoki
    • There would be total of 3 villagers, each will talk on what you should do on 3 different stages of diving (early, middle, late diving) based on the diver's sayings and looks:
      • Motivated: ""It's like I can feel the strength welling up inside of me! Wooow! All right! Back down I gooo!""
      • Upbeat: ""Hahaha! I've got this! I've got this! I'll get one! I'll get one for sure!""
      • Down: ""Ugh.. I can't see a thing Doubt I'll catch one today... No use in even trying anymore""
      • Flustered: “Ah... Ahhh.. Wh-what to do? What to do?! The water is…colder…than I thought!”
  • Return to the pond and motivate the diver in Nuaru Uplands
Auction Quests/Ax of Misfortune Aldo learns that the Ax of Misfortune is somewhere in the Serena Coast and heads to Rinde for more information.
  • Rinde entrance
  • Beat Beast at middle of Serena Coast
  • Beat the Beast again (3 times)
Auction Quests/Choco Etoile Aldo goes to Gamma District in search of a sweet that is popular in Elzion. While looking, he happens to meet someone he did not expect.
  • Start and talk to Suzzette in Elzion Gamma District about Choco Etoile.
  • Search for the merchant selling dark fruits on Route 99.
  • Defeat the agateram on Route 99 and collect its parts.
  • Give the agateram parts to thee merchant selling cocoa on Route 99.
    • To reset quest
(manually revisit the starting point in order to initiate the quest / make it appear in 'Receivable Quest')
Auction Quests/Dark-colored Shell Aldo is looking for mymyne shells which are said to hold grudges on the Keruri Highroad. Suddenly, a masked man appears.
  • Go to the left-side fights (quest marker in front of purple torches in the background)
Auction Quests/Demon's Leaves Aldo goes to Mutsuro in search of information on the Hustle Sage. But now he hears it is not going to be easy.
  • Talk to the Mayor in Baruoki about the Hustle Sage.
  • Follow the village volunteers to the Karek Swampland.
  • Defeat the berserk monster and get the Hustle Sage.
Auction Quests/Gaia's Drop Aldo makes his way to the Keruri Highroad looking for Gaia's Drop. Though getting information is difficult, something comes to him.
  • Go speak with Ratchett in Palsifal Palace. (Bar/Tavern)
  • Ask the hamarn about the Gaia's Drop in the Keruri Highroad.
  • Continue your search for Gaia's Drop in Keruri Highroad on the Derismo Highroad side.
  • Ask the hamarn boss to divide up Gaia's Drop for you in the Keruri Highroad.
Auction Quests/Horn of the King Aldo visits Ratle in search of the Horn of the King. But he learns that the weaponsmith's apprentice still has not returned after going in search of the illusive horn.
  • Find the weaponsmith's apprentice in the Vasu Mountains. (Ratle side)
  • Get rid of the dinosaurs who have nested in the Vasu Mountains. (top right)
Auction Quests/Jet-black Mochi Pearls Aldo goes to Palsifal Palace following rumors about pearls that will make your skin beautiful. After speaking to a woman with smooth skin, he learns something interesting.
  • Use the scented bag in the Man-eating Marsh to find the pearls.
    • Teleport to Man-eating Marsh and go to the 3rd map. Right quest marker
Auction Quests/Lucky Teeth Aldo arrives in Acteul looking for teeth that are said to bring good fortune. He asks a fisherman about where to find them.
  • Find the old man in Acteul carrying the Lucky Teeth and listen to what he has to say
  • Take back the Lucky Teeth from the monster in Lake Tiilen
  • Report back to the old man in Acteul

Hearty old man - left Quiet old man - middle

Shy old man - right
Auction Quests/Luminous Ice Aldo learns from Jeeno that a particular material has unique properties. It seems it can be found in Xeno-Domain.
  • Head to Xeno-Domain to find some special materials.
  • Find the guard drone that flew away in Xeno-Domain and retrieve the missing materials.
    • There are total 5 drones scattered in different areas; there won't be any other fights in-between fighting those 5 drones
Auction Quests/Machinery Rose Aldo goes to the airport looking for the Machinery Rose. He finds a man there who looks to be researching something.
  • Search the airport [pick the agateram] and obtain the Machinery Rose.
  • Get the Machinery Rose you collected at the airport appraised.
Auction Quests/Magali Cat Branch Aldo and company arrive in the Karek Swampland to look for the Magali Cat Branches. That is when an old woodcutter appears.
  • Talk to the Elderly Man who will paint the tail of a Lizzy
  • Search for the tracks in the Karek Swampland and look for the lizzy
    • When there are multiple options, the correct lizzy paint is at the top-right, then bottom left
  • Find the lizzy nest and get some Magali Cat Branches
Auction Quests/Magical Pepper Aldo finds himself in Acteul in Antiquity in search of ancient spices. Suddenly, they are beset by an indescribable aroma.
  • Place the cake on the Derismo Highroad and call out the flasmelk.
  • Place the cake on the Derismo Highroad near the round grass and call out the flasmelk (left then top left).
Auction Quests/Maiden's Breath Aldo makes his way to the unknown parts of the Moonlight Forest in hopes of getting the Maiden's Breath. However, finding the entrance proves more difficult than intended.
  • Listen to the person who knows a lot about the Moonlight Forest in Baruoki
  • Use the scales in the Moonlight Forest to enter the hidden depths of the forest
  • Listen to the mysterious voice in the Moonlight Forest and look for the Maiden's Breath
Auction Quests/Marbled Lizzy Meat Aldo comes to the Karek Swampland in search of high quality lizzy meat. That is when a man with dried sardines appeared.
    • From Baruoki, go straight ahead and talk to ??? (Shion) to get dried sardines
  • Proceed through the Karek Swampland and look for the high class lizzy
    • Follow north, north, east, and south from Baruoki. You should be at the center of the map.
Auction Quests/Melty Metal Aldo goes to the Industrial Ruins after hearing that he may find the Melty Metal there. He manages to find it right away, but the journey did not end there.
  • Hold the Melty Metal and make your way to the entrance
  • Continue towards the entrance
  • Keep trying to go towards the entrance
  • Return to the entrance without disturbing the Melty Metal
Auction Quests/Meowstet Idol After getting information about the legendary idol from Jeema, Aldo visits Suzanne in Iota district to talk about restoring the idol.
  • Ask Leonardo in Unigan to color the idol.
  • Go to Moonlight Forest and Serena Coast to collect the pigments needed to restore the idol.
  • Give the pigments to Leonardo in Unigan and have him color the idol.
  • Get the horn craftsman in Ratle to engrave a design in the idol.
  • Find the Eye of the Sun deep in Nadara Volcano.
  • Deliver the gem to the horn craftsman in Ratle.
Auction Quests/Moon Beauties On the Serena Coast, Aldo is trying to collect

a strange flower that glows at night. During

the search, a timid-looking beast warrior appears.
  • Talk to the Beast in Serena Coast about the Moon Beauties (Unigan side).
  • Go to the right side of Serena Coast to collect the Moon Beauties and fight 3x lvl 75 Yaksha.
  • Go back to the left side of the Serena Coast.
  • The path you take affects the quality of the Moon Beauties (based on time taken)
    • Going downwards, you will encounter 2x lvl 65 Yaksha 2 times and 3x lvl 65 Yaksha - this results in a low quality item.
    • Going upwards, you will encounter 1x lvl 75 Coastal Fiend or Chimera - this results usually in a normal quality item, or randomly a high quality item.
Auction Quests/Moon-colored Amber Aldo comes to Last Island to pick some Wish Fruit. But first, he needs to talk to some of the villagers.
  • Use the nectar to lure the bee monsters to the trail in the Moonlight Forest.
    • Pick the quest marker next to the fishing pond
Auction Quests/Noble Necklace Aldo and company go to Unigan to gather information about a necklace made by abbetos which is popular amongst nobles.
  • Follow the abbetos trail in the Moonlight Forest and get the necklace.
    • When you have to choose between different sposts, go bottom left, then center near the fishing spot.
Auction Quests/Pieces of a Lost Tablet Aldo arrives on Last Island after hearing about a treasure washing up on the shore. There is someone there who claims to have picked up a stone tablet from some lost kingdom.
  • Searcher deeper on Last Island and look for the pieces of a lost tablet.
  • Search for the parts deep in the Industrial Ruins.
  • Go back to Last Island and trade the parts for the pieces of the tablet.
Auction Quests/Rebirth of the Ancient Life Aldo recieves information from Mutsuro about an

ancient creature. With that in mind, Aldo heads

to the Auction House to buy the egg.
  • Save up 2,400 ROC to participate in the egg auction.
  • Talk to the receptionist and participate in the auction for the egg.
  • Hatch the egg in the heart of the Nadara Volcano.
Auction Quests/Ripple Amulet Aldo hears Ripple Amulets are made in Rinde. Then a man comes along who says he can make one if he hasd the right materials.
  • Talk to Nero, then talk to the fisherman.
  • Get string from lighthouse in Rinde.
  • Go to Serena Coast and collect either a shell from the coast or a scale from the riverbank.

(The scale involes more combat, but rewards a better quality amulet.)

  • Return to Rinde with the materials.
Auction Quests/Seeking the Lost Bird Aldo and company go to speak with Molly about a drink known as Wicked Crane. But she has more to tell them.
  • Gather information about Wicked Crane in Acteul.
  • Go to Laula Dome and get some grain.
  • Go to the old man's field and get some grain.
  • Give the grain to the man in Acteul.
  • Retrieve the water from the monster that ran away on Derismo Highroad.
  • Have the Wicked Crane made in Acteul.
Auction Quests/Spirit Helmet Aldo is in the Corinda Plains looking for the Spirit Helmet. He is looking for clues when a merchant appears.
  • Fight the spirits on the Corinda Plains (follow the order of the man's instruction) and get their crystals.
  • Go back to the merchant on the Corinda Plains and exchange for the Spirit Helmet.
Auction Quests/Sunshine Seed Aldo goes to Mutsuro to get more information on treasures. That is when he heard about a strange plant.
  • Search near the containers at the Elzion Airport and look for Sunshine Seeds.
    • From entrance, go south 2x (on crates next to bus)
Auction Quests/The Broken Frame At Hardy's suggestion, Aldo decides to sell the bundle. He will need to auction off a frame in the bundle.
  • Talk to the receptionist and participate in the auction for the frame.
Auction Quests/The Gourmet's Dilemma Aldo is looking for a terrific broker to get a high seeker rank. He takes his search to the tavern to see who he can find.
  • Find the gourmet broker in the Auction House lounge
  • Listen to the details in RInde about the chimera
  • Explore Rinde and find the chimera's favorite shell (bottom right)
  • Lure out the chimera on the Serena Coast and defeat it
  • Show the chimera's Tail to Molly in the Auction House.
Auction Quests/The Horn with an Ancient Sound In order to make a contract with the broker Suzanne, Aldo and company make their way to Rattle in search of a particular horn. But to find it they are going to need to gather more information
  • Get some herbs from the old woman in the store in Ratle.
    • Frost Mint to remove 2 monsters
  • Obtain the high quality horn from the dinosaur in the Vasu Mountains.
  • Return to Ratle and hand over the horn to the craftsman.
Auction Quests/The Mythical Helmet Aldo visits Gantetsu in Rinde in search of a mysterious helmet. When he arrives, there is a long line of people waiting.
  • Go to Unigan and talk to the old woman who bought Gantetsu's Helmet.
  • Find a normal cooking pot in Aldo's house in Baruoki.
  • Find a king crab on Last Island.
  • Lure the Scarfin King on the Serena Coast.
Auction Quests/The Painting Split At Hardy's suggestion, Aldo decides to get his hands on a painting done by the famous Unigan painter, Leonardo.
  • Find a painter in Unigan.
  • Head to the Karek Swampland and find the gentia.
  • Go to the strange area in the Karek Swampland to lure out the gentia and collect their pigments.
  • Give the pigments to the painter in Unigan and ask him to paint a picture.
Auction Quests/The Path of the Animal Aldo and company visit a zoology broker in Iota District. However, he has a condition before he signs a contract.
  • Find the large bird that's around Lake Tiilen
  • Show the fluffy feathers to Mutsuro in Iota District
Auction Quests/The Third's Last Stand Aldo plans to sell an expensive bundle. He visits a master swordsmith in Rinde looking for the other half of that bundle.
  • Search for the golem on the Derismo Highroad.
  • Follow the smell on the Derismo Highroad and where the golem might be. (1st up, 2nd left)
  • Give the brick to Gantetsu in Rinde and have him make you a katana.
Auction Quests/Three-spotted Ladybug Aldo receives information that a man in Ratle is breeding Three-spotted Ladybugs in Antiquity. Aldo walks about town looking for him.
  • Use the handkerchief near the pink mushroom in the Zol Plains to lure the Three-spotted Ladybugs.
    • Check the mid-left quest marker (at the large pink mushrooms) for best effect.
  • Deliver the Three-spotted Ladybugs to the woman in Ratle
Auction Quests/Wish Fruit Aldo comes to Last Island to pick some Wish Fruit. But first, he needs to talk to some of the villagers.
  • Follow the sweet and sour smells near the rocks to find the Wish Fruit on Last Island.
Top quest marker, then left (rocks), top right (at sparkles) and left (pointy rocks).
Auction Quests/Yugen Egg Aldo stops by Palsifal Palace searching for the Yugen Egg. The teacher in the magic classroom might know something about it.
  • Go to Palsifal Palace and ask around about the transparent object.
    • If the teacher asks for a transparent decoration, talk to the soldier on Pasifal Palace 2F.
    • If the teacher asks for a transparent food, talk to the old man on Pasifal Palace 1F (the bottom left). Talk to the kitchen staff on Pasifal Palace 1F to get the juice, then return to the old man for the transparent food.
    • If the teacher asks for a transparent drink, talk to the Kitchen Staff in the top left room on Palsifal Palace 1F. Next, get Coelus eggs in Derismo Highroad and bring them back to the Kitchen Staff.
  • Deliver the transparent object to the teacher in Palsifal Palace.