Ogre Wars: Dirge of the Fated King and the Sacred Sword/Chapter 27

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Back on the Road: Ghosts of the Ancient Battlefield
Suggested Level 56
Requirements Complete Chapter 25
Complete Two Knights
Start Location Baruoki
Gem.png x100Copper Rank Badge.png

Summary[edit source]

Altena and her brother Guildna have been resurrected by the Geo Prisma - Now Aldo and the rest must find them. And something's amiss in the Dusken Lands; a battlefield that hosts no conflict should be a quiet place, but there are rumors suggesting otherwise.


  • Start the episode by speaking with the Mayor in Aldo's house. This also completes Chapter 26.
  • Head to the Riftbreaker, and use it to travel to the Ancient Battlefield.
  • Work your way through the Ancient Battlefield, and assist the spirits to help you clear the way forward.
  • At the end of the Ancient Battlefield, the Ogre Rancorem goes berserk, tearing open a hole in the space-time continuum and unleashing the Ogres Spike.
  • You will do battle with a Yellow Ogre, Red Ogre, and Ogre Hound.
    • Start by breaking the Old Pot, which causes the Ogre Hound to fall asleep and lose its resistances. After the Ogre Hound's defeat, the Red and Yellow Ogres begin panicking and no longer resist any damage.