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Note: There is content on this page that has not yet released in the Global version. If you do not want spoilers, stop here!
# BGM File Name Description Song Name Audio Player
New unsorted BGM Files
Sorted by name BGM Files
1 bgm_auctiongame.ogg Auction Minigame
2 bgm_awakening.ogg Saki's Awakening/Clock Cutscene The Divine Crystal
3 bgm_battle_alphecca.ogg Alphecca
4 bgm_battle_ancient.ogg Antiquity Migleina Battle Perpetual Stranger
5 bgm_battle_ancient2.ogg Antiquity Migleina Boss Dream Weaver
6 bgm_battle_ancient2_arrange.ogg Dream Weaver Arrangement Four Great Eidolons
7 bgm_battle_angel.ogg Beast Angel Geo Anguirus Geo Anguirus
8 bgm_battle_demi_demon.ogg Slash Demon & Cleave Demon Sanctuary for Moryo
9 bgm_battle_diadora.ogg Knight Commander Deirdre
10 bgm_battle_diadora_boss.ogg Concealed Prayer
11 bgm_battle_diadora_intro.ogg Cutscene before KC Deirdre Battle
12 bgm_battle_eden.ogg Eden True Eden
13 bgm_battle_event.ogg Event Battle Theme, eg. Weapon Manifestations Another Force
14 bgm_battle_event_arrange.ogg Event Battle Theme, eg. True Ember Magic Dragon Hymn of Time
15 bgm_battle_foe.ogg Horror Hungry Structures
16 bgm_battle_foe_indication.ogg Horror Encounter The FEAR
17 bgm_battle_future.ogg Future Migleina Battle Ambivalent Mirage
18 bgm_battle_future2.ogg Future Migleina Boss Decent Destructors
19 bgm_battle_gale_caligo.ogg Gail Carrigo Gail Carrigo - Roulette of Destiny
20 bgm_battle_gonjuro.ogg Big Gonjuro Big Gonjuro - The Endless Fall
21 bgm_battle_ida.ogg IDA Boss Painful Prayer
22 bgm_battle_ida3_mmo.ogg Lord of Mana Battle Bump!
23 bgm_battle_ida3_mother.ogg Mother Ballad of the Wicked Mother
24 bgm_battle_kaohagi.ogg Mask Monster Spirit Crystals
25 bgm_battle_last.ogg Chronos Menas To Release the Paradise
26 bgm_battle_miroku_disaster.ogg Miroku Disaster Miroku Disaster - Avalanche of Salvation
27 bgm_battle_mizuchi.ogg Ghastly Mizuchi Pouring Sweetness into Darkness
28 bgm_battle_modern.ogg Present Migleina Battle Chaotic Recognizer
29 bgm_battle_modern2.ogg Present Migleina Boss Brilliant Streamer
30 bgm_battle_neko.ogg Cat Battles
31 bgm_battle_nimroth.ogg Saint Nimros
32 bgm_battle_ogre_xenon1.ogg Phase 1 Dirge of the Sacred Sword
33 bgm_battle_ogre_xenon1_intro.ogg Gyre Melody Portent
34 bgm_battle_ogre_xenon2.ogg Phase 2 The King Guided by the Fate
35 bgm_battle_p5c.ogg
36 bgm_battle_p5r_twins.ogg P5R Part 2 Boss
37 bgm_battle_phantom.ogg Fused Phantom Those Who Inherit the Stars
38 bgm_battle_seiho_ancient.ogg Antiquity Zerberiya Battle
39 bgm_battle_seiho_ancient2.ogg Antiquity Zerberiya Horror
40 bgm_battle_seiho_god.ogg
41 bgm_battle_seireiju.ogg Sacred Beast Monsters' Rondo
42 bgm_battle_snakebone.ogg Ogre Wars Battle Tragedic Paramours
43 bgm_battle_snakebone2.ogg Ogre Wars Horror Stand Against the Darkness
44 bgm_battle_suzaku.ogg Suzaku Suzaku -Dance of the Wailing Ghosts-
45 bgm_battle_time_space.ogg Spacetime-themed Bosses, eg. Visus Embryo Paradoxical Dreamers
46 bgm_battle_toho_ancient.ogg Antiquity Garulea Battle The Night! Fiends! Absence of Light
47 bgm_battle_toho_ancient2.ogg Antiquity Garulea Horror Shivering Sustain
48 bgm_battle_toho_future.ogg Future Garulea Battle Puzzle of Bitter Tears
49 bgm_battle_toho_future2.ogg Future Garulea Horror Carnival of the End
50 bgm_battle_toho_modern.ogg Present Garulea Battle Dancing Sword of the Storm
51 bgm_battle_toho_modern2.ogg Present Garulea Horror Dreams of Spiraling Flames
52 bgm_battle_zorumu.ogg Zorme Zorme - Assassin's Parade
53 bgm_brave.ogg Cutscene Indestructible Wings
54 bgm_comedy.ogg Cutscene Joyful Moments
55 bgm_despair.ogg Cutscene The Despair
56 bgm_dungeon_beast_castle.ogg Beast King's Castle The Castle of Magical Beast
57 bgm_dungeon_burning_beast_kings_castle.ogg
58 bgm_dungeon_coalmine.ogg Time Mine The Mine of Time
59 bgm_dungeon_contaminated_pit.ogg Contaminated Pit Contaminated Pit
60 bgm_dungeon_crystaltower_seiho.ogg Crystalline Tower
61 bgm_dungeon_dimensional_battleship.ogg The Riftbreaker / Miglance Labyrinth The Dimension Ship
62 bgm_dungeon_dimensional_vortex.ogg Dimensional Vortex Dimension Pt
63 bgm_dungeon_dogma_tower.ogg Dogma Tower / Rucyana Ruins Dogma Tower
64 bgm_dungeon_dragon_gods_swamp.ogg Dragon God's Swamp Dragon God's Swamp
65 bgm_dungeon_dreamy_unconscious.ogg Saki's Dream World Delicate Frozen Floret
66 bgm_dungeon_field_ida3_mmo.ogg Lord of Mana Fields Settlers from All Four Corners
67 bgm_dungeon_funeral_cavern.ogg Funeral Cavern Funeral Cavern
68 bgm_dungeon_general_bog.ogg Man-eating Marsh Deep End of the Night
69 bgm_dungeon_general_forest.ogg Moonlight Forest / Snake Dream Curtain of Darkness
70 bgm_dungeon_general_maze.ogg Industrial Ruins Graceful Emptiness
71 Bgm dungeon general seiho.ogg
72 bgm_dungeon_general_tower.ogg Tower of Time / Tower of Stars Cycle of Prays
73 bgm_dungeon_ida3_hisumena.ogg Hismena's Dream World Cage of Blue Roses
74 bgm_dungeon_jiraiya.ogg Jiraiya Fortress Jiraiya Fortress
75 bgm_dungeon_kms_eastern_division.ogg KMS Eastern Division KMS Eastern Division
76 bgm_dungeon_land_of_ro_dungeon_ruins.ogg
77 bgm_dungeon_monster_castle.ogg Specter Palace Specter Palace
78 bgm_dungeon_nadara.ogg Nadara Volcano The Impatience
79 bgm_dungeon_necolony.ogg Spurr-ace Colony
80 bgm_dungeon_night_kurosagi.ogg Kurosagi Castle (Specter Night) Kurosagi Castle at Night
81 bgm_dungeon_ogre_fort.ogg Ogres Spike Ogre's Fort
82 bgm_dungeon_p5c_mementos.ogg Mementos
83 bgm_dungeon_p5c_palace.ogg Sethka's Palace
84 bgm_dungeon_prison_ship_gulfagin.ogg Prison Ship Gulfagin Prison Ship Gulfagin
85 bgm_dungeon_rough_temple.ogg Temple Ruins Temple Ruins
86 bgm_dungeon_ruin_of_ancient_war.ogg Ancient Battlefield Ancient Battlefield
87 bgm_dungeon_ryugu.ogg Dragon Palace Palace of the Sea Goddess
88 bgm_dungeon_ship_graveyard.ogg Ship Graveyard Ship Graveyard
89 bgm_dungeon_snakebone_dungeon.ogg Snake Neck Igoma Serpent's Neck Igoma
90 bgm_dungeon_specter_citadel.ogg
91 bgm_dungeon_the_holy_sword.ogg Deliverance Sword
92 bgm_dungeon_time_darkness.ogg Chronos' Umbra Chronos' Umbra
93 bgm_dungeon_time_layer_galleria.ogg Corridor of Time Layers Corridor of Time Layer
94 bgm_dungeon_toto_dreamland.ogg Toto Dreamland Toto Dreamland - The Lost Jewel
95 bgm_dungeon_vega_forest.ogg Vega Forest Vega Forest
96 bgm_dungeon_wonder_forest.ogg Forest of Forgetfulness Princess of the Mysterious Forest
97 bgm_dungeon_xeno_domain.ogg Xeno-Domain Xeno-Domain
98 bgm_emotive.ogg Cutscene Tracing Memories
99 bgm_ending_theme.ogg Ending Theme Epilogue
100 bgm_event_epilogue_ogrebattle.ogg Ending Theme for Ogre Wars Epilogue 1.5
101 bgm_event_galiard_bike.ogg SFX
102 bgm_event_hover_engine.ogg SFX
Stifling Song (Start)
103 bgm_event_merina_song_intro_loop.ogg Zerberiya History Cutscene
Instrumental vers.
104 bgm_event_merina_song_loop.ogg w/ Harps & Vocals
105 bgm_event_merina_song_acapella_loop.ogg Melina Acapella & Vocals
106 bgm_event_merina_song_harp_cho_loop.ogg Harps
107 bgm_event_merina_song_end.ogg Full Song
w/ Harps & Vocals
108 bgm_event_merina_song_piano_cho_loop.ogg Piano
Stifling Song (End)
109 bgm_event_muon.ogg Silence SFX
110 bgm_fanfare_complete_dungeon.ogg
111 bgm_fanfare_lose.ogg Defeat Fanfare, Disappointing Lost
112 bgm_fanfare_victory.ogg Battle Victory Fanfare Victory
113 bgm_field_ancient.ogg Antiquity Migleina Fields Seashell at the Lost Sea
114 bgm_field_demon_sea_caverns.ogg
115 bgm_field_kunlun_mountains.ogg
116 bgm_field_future.ogg Future Migleina Fields Fleeting Wish
117 bgm_field_modern.ogg Present Migleina Fields Earth and the Wind
118 Bgm field seiho ancient.ogg Antiquity Zerberiya Fields
119 bgm_field_snakebone_island.ogg Snake Spine Gabaragi Serpent's Bone Island
120 bgm_field_time_forgot.ogg Spacetime Rift Toki-No-Wasuremono-Tei
121 bgm_field_toho_ancient_hokishi_forest.ogg Hokishi Forest Hokishi Forest
122 bgm_field_toho_ancient_kuruchi_cove.ogg Kuruchi Cove Kuruchi Cove
123 bgm_field_toho_ancient_talgana_mountain_trail.ogg Talgana Mountain Trail Talgana Mountain Trail
124 bgm_field_toho_future_wasteland.ogg Wasteland Wasteland
125 bgm_field_toho_mahora.ogg Mahora Lake} Mahora Lake
126 bgm_field_toho_modern.ogg Present Garulea Fields Flower in a Transient World, Windblown Flower in a Dream
127 bgm_fine.ogg Cutscene Fine - Theme of Love
128 bgm_flyhigh.ogg Cutscene Storm Into the Swirl
129 bgm_fun.ogg Cutscene Surrounded by Smiles
130 bgm_girl_with_flower.ogg Mayu's Dream Heaven's Cradle; Cutscene The Girl who wore a Flower
131 bgm_hokishi_environment.ogg Ambient Noise
132 bgm_hurryup.ogg Cutscene Run!
133 bgm_main_theme.ogg Main Theme Another Eden
134 bgm_main_theme_musicbox.ogg Chronos' Umbra Elzion Corridor One Light Source
135 bgm_main_theme_piano.ogg - Another Eden - Piano Arrangement
136 bgm_p5_life_will_change.ogg - Life Will Change
137 bgm_p5_take_over.ogg - Take Over
138 bgm_pain.ogg Snake Liver Damaku The Thousand Year Wish
139 bgm_resistance.ogg
140 bgm_sacred.ogg Mayu's Dream World City of the Butterfly's Dream
141 bgm_sad.ogg Last Island The Unforgettable Light
142 bgm_storm.ogg The Riftbreaker To the Sky of Time
143 bgm_suzaku_attack.ogg
144 bgm_tender.ogg Cutscene One Morning
145 bgm_terror.ogg Miglance Castle The Looming Destined Pendulum
146 bgm_the_beast.ogg Cutscene The Order of Claw and Fang
147 bgm_the_end_of_the_world.ogg Cutscene Song of the World's Demise
148 bgm_thema_p5c.ogg P5R Collab Part 1 Theme
149 Bgm_thema_p5r.ogg P5R Collab Part 2 Theme
150 bgm_title.ogg Title Theme Title
151 bgm_title_ida3_mmo.ogg Lord of Mana Title Theme Lord of Mana
152 bgm_toho_sad.ogg Music box vers. of Return of the Goddess of Time Tsubura's Tears
153 bgm_town_actool.ogg Acteul Acteul
154 bgm_town_angaru_settlement.ogg Angal Settlement Angal Settlement
155 Bgm_town_atlantica.ogg
156 bgm_town_baruoky.ogg Baruoki Baruoki
157 bgm_town_beast.ogg Konium Conyum
158 bgm_town_coalmine0.ogg Macky Forest Ambient Noise
159 bgm_town_coalmine1.ogg Horai Chapter 1 Horai - Village of the Wind
160 bgm_town_coalmine2.ogg Horai Chapter 2 Horai - Town with a Distant Wish
161 bgm_town_coalmine3.ogg Horai Chapter 3 Horai - Hometown of Dreamers
162 bgm_town_elgion.ogg Elzion / Nilva Elzion
163 bgm_town_elgion2.ogg IDEA Operations Room/Elzion-Babel Shuttle Babel
164 bgm_town_gadaro.ogg Gadaro Gadaro
165 bgm_town_general_ancient.ogg Sarupa Stone Slumbers
166 bgm_town_general_future.ogg Garden Island The Floating City
167 bgm_town_general_modern.ogg Rinde / Zarbo Whispering by Ripples
168 bgm_town_gewuerz_church_hq.ogg
169 bgm_town_goddes_church.ogg Chapel of the Goddess of Time Chapel of the Goddess of Time
170 bgm_town_hidden_village_itoise.ogg
171 bgm_town_ida_school.ogg IDA School Academy in the Open Sky
172 bgm_town_ida3_mmo.ogg Lord of Mana Town Hustle and Bustle of the City
173 bgm_town_ikaruga.ogg Ikarga Ikarga
174 bgm_town_iota.ogg Auction House/Iota District
175 bgm_town_minokuni.ogg Izana Izana
176 bgm_town_old_church_domain_merlot_ward.ogg
177 bgm_town_palcifal.ogg Palsifal Palace Palsifal Palace
178 bgm_town_purgatory_field.ogg Purgatory Purgatory Field
179 bgm_town_rattle.ogg Ratle Ratle
180 bgm_town_raula_dome.ogg Laula Dome Laula Dome
181 bgm_town_satellite_stadium.ogg Satellite Stadium
182 bgm_town_school.ogg KMS Development Room Untuned Dancers
183 bgm_town_shinnokuni.ogg Nagsham Nagsham
184 bgm_town_sky_fortress_eeza.ogg Sky Fortress Eeza Sky Fortress Eeza
185 bgm_town_the_port_city_of_rinde.ogg Port City of Rinde
Parallel Time Layer
186 bgm_town_unigan.ogg Unigan The Royal City of Unigan
187 bgm_town_zami.ogg Zami Zami
188 bgm_town_zami_inst.ogg Instrumental vers. Zami
189 bgm_usual.ogg Hanging Garden Sunshine from Someday