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Badges are equipment rewards from Another Dungeons that grant 1-2 of the following extra stats:

  • PWR
  • INT
  • END
  • SPR
  • SPD
  • LCK

The type of badges given depends on the dungeon as well as the reward line. See Another Dungeon Completion Rewards for more information on how the reward line system works.

Note that the probability for getting badges with particular stats is weighted heavily towards lower stats. EX: if a particular dungeon drops badges with a 21-40 value on the main stats (such as Otherlands: Otherlands: Baruoki Region/Area 4 very hard) it is much more likely to yield values closer to 21 than 40.

Badges are also awarded by the cat king in Phantom Crystal Dimension for collecting Paw Stamps.

Completing the Mayor's tutorial in Baruoki will award 15%, 20% and 30% EXP badges.

Unique ability badges can be found in some side episodes: Persona 5 collab, Tower and Witch, Auction, Tales of collab, completing various trials in the Battle Simulator, and trading in the Cat Road and Sarupa Cat Road.

4 element resist badges can be found in hidden chests in the Garulea continent overworld, at Cat Shrine (Wind res. +25%, Water res. -50%),Inanari Plateau (Fire res. +25%, Earth res. -50%), Nagsham (Water res. +25%, Wind res. -50%) and Dragon God's Swamp (Earth res. +25%, Fire res. -50%).

Thunder type resist badges (Thunder resistance +15%) can be found as a line reward in Antiquity Zerberiya Continent: Thunder (Another Dungeon)

After obtaining 200 Badges, Badge Trading will be available by the Odd Robot NPC at the centermost house in Nilva.

List of unique and/or guaranteed badges (WIP): Badgelist

Dungeon Badge Table

Which badges are rewarded depend on the dungeon as well as the reward line at the end of the dungeon, affecting what the main stat of the badge can be. The secondary stat will then either be one of the other five stats, or no secondary stat at all. The following table details which dungeon and reward line reward which badges[1]:

Badges stats are determined as follows:

  • Main Stat - Varies depending on reward line and dungeon, listed in the table below.
  • Sub Stat - Can be any of the other five stats, or no sub stat at all.

{{#cargo_query:tables=AnotherDungeons |fields=CONCAT('', Name, '')=Dungeon,BadgeReward1Stats=1st Reward,BadgeReward2Stats=2nd Reward,BadgeReward3Stats=3rd Reward |format=table |where=NOT Unreleased AND (BadgeReward1Stats!="" AND BadgeReward2Stats!="" AND BadgeReward3Stats!="") |order by=LevelHard }}

Possible Badge Values

The following is a table of possible values the stats on badges can be assigned[1]:

Dungeon Difficulty Stat Reward Line 1 Reward Line 2 Reward Line 3
fields=_pageName=Link,Name,BadgeReward1MainRange,BadgeReward2MainRange,BadgeReward3MainRange,BadgeReward1SubRange,BadgeReward2SubRange,BadgeReward3SubRange,VHBadgeReward1MainRange,VHBadgeReward2MainRange,VHBadgeReward3MainRange,VHBadgeReward1SubRange,VHBadgeReward2SubRange,VHBadgeReward3SubRange where=NOT Unreleased AND (BadgeReward1Stats!="" AND BadgeReward2Stats!="" AND BadgeReward3Stats!="") format=template template=Badge stat range row named args=yes order by=LevelHard


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