Battle Mechanics

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Party[edit | edit source]

A party consists of six members split into two groups: frontline and reserves.

When creating a party, the party is created with four frontline and two reserves, but during combat, it is possible to have only 1 frontline and 5 reserves by utilizing switching.

Frontline[edit | edit source]

The frontline characters are the characters who participate in combat, can attack enemies and cast skills. These characters can also switch with the characters in the reserves or move directly to the reserves without switching with another character.

If all frontline characters are defeated, a game over will be issued even if the player still has viable characters in reserve.

Reserves[edit | edit source]

The reserves characters are characters who do not participate in the combat action. Reserves characters will instead sit in the backline and heal 10% of their maximum HP and MP every turn. If there are less than four frontline units, it is also possible for a reserves character to switch to the frontline by selecting the "Frontline" option.

Reserves Healing Tactic[edit | edit source]

Because food is only limited to 1 and the lack of healing locations during some dungeons, knowing how to use the Reserves to heal your party becomes almost essential as the game difficulty increases.

The idea is to swap the characters who need healing to the reserves and allowing them to heal. For example, one method of doing this is:

  1. During combat, eliminate all but one enemy.
  2. Send characters who need to heal to reserves (Up to 5).
  3. Each turn, continue to switch frontline and reserve characters, allowing a different character to take a hit each turn while the rest of the party heals.
  4. Keep switching until the majority of your party is healed up, and then defeat the enemy.

Pay attention to character's Valor Chants during this process since switching will activate Valor Chants. Valor Chants that decrease enemy ATK or increase ally DEF will soften the enemy hits while switching characters, potentially allowing the reserves healing to outheal the enemy attacks, expediting the healing process.

Valor Chant[edit | edit source]

All characters possess a skill that is only activated when switching from the Reserves to Frontline. This skill is known as Valor Chant. The targets of Valor Chants range from the character itself to including the enemies or the entire party. The effects of Valor Chants also vary from inflicting status effects to changing the entire battlefield. Valor Chants cannot be activated by any other means.

Escaping[edit | edit source]

The "Run" button causes your party to attempt to escape from the current battle. You can attempt to run from horrors, but the button is disabled entirely for (most) boss battles. If you successfully escape, your party will appear in the nearest "behind the corner" spot on the map. Escaping from a battle in Another Dungeon counts as one of your encounters.

The probability of escaping depends only on your number of escape attempts. Speed of party, state of enemies (sleeps, debuffs) - are irrelevant for escape success.

Attempt Probability of success
1 50%
2 50%
3 75%
4 100%

Combat[edit | edit source]

In Another Eden, characters and attacks have certain types which can potentially affect the damage of the move when used.

Attacks can be divided in two categories:

  • Skill Type (Slash, Piercing, Blunt, Magic)
  • Element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Shade, Thunder, Crystal and Magic with no specified element*)
    • * All Magic attacks are Elemental\Type, if specific type is omitted it can be considered All-type (Game doesn't state this).

If an enemy has weakness to a particular attack, the damage dealt will be increased roughly doubled. However, if the enemy resists the attack, the damage dealt is roughly 1/4. For exact calculation, see Damage Formula.

During a battle, an enemy's weakness or resistance can be checked by holding the character's skill of choice. If an enemy is weak against or will resist the attack, its corresponding "Weak" or "Resist" indicator will appear over the enemy on the screen.

Skill Types[edit | edit source]

Generally, weapon type resistances do not follow a standard pattern and are set on an enemy-to-enemy basis. For instance, flying enemies are often weak to Pierce, but this is not always the case.

Elements[edit | edit source]

For elements, the weakness and resistance chart is as shown below.

Element Weak Against Resists
Skill Type 8 1.png Fire Skill Type 8 8.png Water Skill Type 8 4.png Wind
Skill Type 8 8.png Water Skill Type 8 2.png Earth Skill Type 8 1.png Fire
Skill Type 8 2.png Earth Skill Type 8 4.png Wind Skill Type 8 8.png Water
Skill Type 8 4.png Wind Skill Type 8 1.png Fire Skill Type 8 2.png Earth
Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder Skill Type 8 32.png Shade N/A
Shade Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder N/A
Skill Type 8 64.png Crystal Skill Type 8 64.png Crystal
Skill Type 8 1.png Fire Skill Type 8 2.png Earth Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder
Skill Type 8 8.png Water Skill Type 8 4.png Wind Shade

Playable characters have an innate element and often have skills of that same element. Through the ability board, characters can also increase their elemental resistance by up to 30% (for 5★ characters) for the element they are strong against. For example, Gariyu is a Fire-element character who deals Fire-element magic damage and have increased resistance to Wind. Note that the playable characters do not have an inherent elemental weakness.

  • If no element is indicated in the skill description and it deals Skill Type 1 0.pngSlash, Skill Type 4 0.pngBlunt, or Skill Type 2 0.pngPierce damage, then it is a Non-Elemental physical attack.
  • If no element is indicated in the skill description and it deals Skill Type 8 0.pngMagic damage, then it is a all-type magic attack without specific element.

Some skill descriptions state an increase or decrease to "Type resistance", such as Mariel's Aurora Force. Other skills may indicate a specific element. such as Gariyu's Burning Shield which states an increase to "Wind type resistance".

  • "Type" refers to all elemental physical attacks and all magic attacks,
    • Effects like "Type resistance increase/decrease" directly affect damage from all such attacks.
    • "+Type attack" from Grasta and Weapons affects only elemental physical attacks and elemental magic.
    • Exception: "+Type attack damage (N moves)" buff from skills or VC affects damage from all sources of damage.
  • "Wind type" refers to all physical and magical attacks of Wind element.
    • Effects like "Wind type resistance increase/decrease" directly affect damage damage from all physical and magical attacks of Wind element and also magic attacks without specific element.
    • Effects like "Wind type damage increase" directly affect damage from all physical and magical attacks of Wind element only.
  • "+Non-type attack" effects refer to physical and magic attacks without specific element.
    • "+Non-type attack damage" effect that present on some Grastas like Power of Void. It affects damage for both physical and magical attacks without elements.
    • "+Non-type physical attack" buff effect that present on some skills, affects damage from physical attacks without elements.
    • Skill with "+Non-type magical attacks" do not exist in game.

Others[edit | edit source]

Enemies can have additional resistances beyond what the element normally resists. For instance,

  • Certain bosses may resist all elements especially if some mechanics or enemies are not defeated in time. Examples include Zennon Ogre.
  • Enemies in Weapon Manifestation resists all elements except their own innate element and the element they are weak against


  • Null completely nullifies the attack
  • Absorb causes the enemy recovers health from an attack that would have otherwise dealt damage.

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Some skills may inflict negative status effects. A successful infliction is indicated by a purple status icon, and sometimes an accompanying sprite (i.e. a "zzz" above an enemy when given sleep).

Not all skills will successfully inflict its status effect, such as stuns on bosses. Certain skills which indicate "ignores target resistance" will always successfully inflict its status effect.

Playable 5★ characters will have the opportunity to increase resistance to all negative status effects by 10-20% via the ability board.

  • Status Barrier.png Barrier: Reduce specific damage amount. (# Moves) duration is reduced from taking attacks.
  • Status Bind.png Bind: Unable to use certain skills. Affects 1 skill of character randomly. Multiple binds can be inflicted on a single character to shut off more skills.
  • Status Break.png Break: Damage is doubled. (Multiplier x2). Break is removed when the character receives damage.
  • Status Charge.png Charge: Prepare for the next action. Character or enemy prepares action for the next turn (and takes no action in the current turn).
  • Status Confuse.png Confuse: Act randomly. Character uses a random skill on a random target, including allies or self. This effect is cancelled if the character is attacked.
  • Status Counter.png Counter: Able to counter certain attacks. Character or enemy gains ability to counter specific types of attacks listed in description of counter.
  • Status Curse.png Curse: Become unable to use the same skill continuously. The status effect cannot be removed except by defeating the curse user.
  • Status Darkness.png Darkness: Physical attacks miss sometimes.
  • Status Hold Ground.png Hold Ground : When HP is reduced to 0, stop at 1 HP instead. Character survives killing attack with 1 HP.
  • Status Mental Focus.png Mental Focus: The higher the max MP value, the more the magic damage increases. Increases magic damage by adding (Buff value) x (receiver's max MP) percents, calculated individually for each character with this status (max +250%). (Max multiplier x3.5).
  • RecoverMP.png MP Regen: Recover fixed amount of MP each turn, at the end of all actions in a turn.
  • MP cost down.png MP use reduction: Required MP to use skills is reduced.
  • Status Nullify.png Nullify: Prevents specific status effects. (# Moves) duration is reduced in place of successful application of bad status. Does not prevent conditional or self inflicted statuses from own skills of character. Like stun of Nikeh AS or self sleep of Mighty AS.
  • Poison.png Poison: Damages character or enemy at the end of all actions in a turn. Damage based on INT.
  • Pain.png Pain: Damages character or enemy at the end of all actions in a turn. Damage based on PWR.
  • Rage.png Rage: Only able to attack a specific enemy. Character or enemy can only attack the target that inflicted the rage. Note that this does not prevent an AoE attack from being performed.
  • Regen.png Regen: Recover HP each turn. At the end of all actions in a turn.
  • Status Sleep.png Sleep: Unable to act If inflicted before an action is taken in a turn, character or enemy falls asleep and skips the current turn. This skip effect then persists for up to 3 subsequent turns or until non-poison/pain damage is taken.
  • Status Stone.png Stone: Unable to act or receive damage. Only way to end this status is skill with status clear effect.
  • Status Stun.png Stun: Unable to act for one turn. If inflicted before an action is taken in a turn, character or enemy becomes stunned and skips the current turn. This skip effect does not persist beyond the current turn.
  • Awaken.png Lunatic - Lunatic status is on
  • Awaken thunder.png Lunatic - Charge
Activate Lunatic status Charge on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken thunder.png Charge: For each attack (including damage to self), add Thunder-type attack (XS)
    • Attack type is determined by the original attack
    • Regardless of whether there is an active Stance or not, additional attack increases AF bar by 0.5% and combo multiplier in AF by 1%
  • Lunatic replaces the basic attack skill until used, and can only be used once per battle.
  • Awaken abyss.png Lunatic - Sacrifice
Activate Lunatic status Sacrifice on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken abyss.png Sacrifice: Convert a portion of P.DEF (END) to P.ATK and a portion of M.DEF (SPR) to M.ATK.
  • Lunatic replaces the basic attack skill until used, and can only be used once per battle.
  • Awaken crystal.png Lunatic - Copy
Activate Lunatic status Copy on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken crystal.png Copy: Skills execute twice.
    • Copy has 0 MP cost and no AF gain.
    • Copy increases Combo multiplier in AF normally.
    • Copy counts as another move for move-based buffs.
    • Copy animation happens after the original skill use and plays out fully.
  • Lunatic replaces the basic attack skill until used, and can only be used once per battle.
  • Awaken weakness boost.png Lunatic - Mind's Eye
Activate Lunatic with Status Mind's Eye on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken weakness boost.png Mind's Eye:
    • Increase damage and healing +50% (Multiplier: x1.5)
    • Increase damage on weak targets +50% (Multiplier: x1.5)
    • Resulting to +125% damage on weak targets (Total muliplier: x2.25)
  • Awaken risky attack.png Lunatic - Scrap
Activate Lunatic with Status Awaken risky attack.png Scrap on user (3 turns)
  • Damage on self 20% of current HP before any attack of user. Applies to attack skills only.
  • Attack with increased damage +70% and guaranteed critical. (Multiplier: x1.7)

Unreleased Statuses[edit | edit source]

  • St protection.png Guardian: All damage received by party directed on user. Activates constant Status Status Hold Ground.png Hold Ground on user.

Status Ailment Duration and Cure Rates[edit | edit source]

  • There is a chance that status ailments applied from skills (such as poison, pain, rage, bind, darkness, etc.) will be removed after each turn. This affects both allies and enemies.
    • Or otherwise fixed duration of status ailment is specifically stated in used skill description.
Turn Probability of Removal
1 0.0%
2 37.5%
3 62.5%
4 87.5%
5 100.0%
  • Status ailment effects applied by any equipment - Weapons and Grasta, always have a duration of 3 turns.

Another Force[edit | edit source]

The basic elements, as described above, are available as soon as Another Eden is started. In later chapters, a new combat mechanic is introduced in the story, known as Another Force. As Another Force has the capability to make "multiple turns" within the same turn, it will prove to be an important source of damage and support for certain battles.

Zones[edit | edit source]

In certain content, enemies may use specific mechanics known as Zones or Stances. They can amplify or minimize the damage bonus of elemental types or physical types, and affect the progression of Another Force for the entire duration of the battle. Zones/Stances are also available to players in certain character skills and Valor Chants.