Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer/Bonus

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Joker's ultimate weapon, the Tocachev, can only be found in the locked chest in the Remote Cottage. To unlock it, you need to discover 10 key items scattered across the Puppet Theater. All key items can be found in chests. After which, send the key items to various villagers in Lucniva to furnish the Remote Cottage. Villagers who are available to trade have an exclamation mark over them as opposed to the usual speech bubble. Some villagers may need to be traded with more than once.

When the Remote Cottage is fully furnished, there will be a glowing purple orb in the drawer. Tap on it to receive the Pumpkin Key which opens the chest.

If you have completed the Puppet Theater before finding all ten items, you can always revisit it in the Spacetime Rift.

Location Item Trade Target Goods Received
Theater 1F Fur CoatTraveler (North)Cooking Utensil
Theater B1 CompassWoman (front of Mayor's Tent)Vegetables
Bear's Path Colored GlassGirl (Northeastern House)Teddy Bear
Bear's Path Magnifying GlassGrandpa (Northern House)Table
Bear's Room Music BoxTavern OwnerPan
Rabbit's Path LanternGrandpa (Northern House)Curtains
Rabbit's Path Pocket WatchInnkeeperBed
Rabbit's Path AbacusInnkeeperChair
Rabbit's Room TelescopeTavern OwnerCupboard
Theater 2F LipstickGirl (Northeastern House)Balloon