Chant Script

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Icon Item Type Description Obtain
Job rank item.png Memoir Use this to change class.
  • 5x Required for 4★ -> 5★ Upgrade

Chant Scripts acquisition[edit | edit source]

#tickets Acquisition event How to get Numbers
- Buying with Another dungeon token.pngTsubura's Gems Nopaew Emporium in the Rift 400xAnother dungeon token.png
- Badge Trading Bot in Nilva exchange for x10 badges 0.5%
1x564000003.png Obtained from Very Hard Another Dungeon
except Episodes VH ADs, with point drops
rare room chest
(10% chance of rare room 2/3)
boss room chest 0.5%
2x564000001.png Obtained from Very Hard Otherlands Area 1,2: Chests (2x) in room 3. 0.75%
Area 3:
Chest in room 3
Chest in room 4
Area 4: Chest in Boss room 1.5%
1x564000101.png Full completion of Phantom Crystal Dimension Elzion room chest 3
2x564000001.png Ruins of Rucyana white chest in treasure room ?? %
2x564000001.png Present Garulea Continent (AD) 2x Chests in:
  • Jiraya Fortress
  • Specter Palace
  • Temple Ruins
0.75 %
2x564000001.png Antiquity Garulea Continent (AD) 2x Chests in:
  • Dragon God's Swamp
  • Funeral Cavern
  • Ship Graveyard
0.75 %
2x564000001.png Future Garulea Continent (AD) Contaminated Pit: Chest in boss room ?? %
Prison Ship Gulfagin: Chest in boss room ?? %
KMS Eastern Division: Chest in boss room ?? %
Satellite Stadium: Chest in Boss room ??%