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Icon Item Type Description Obtain
Gem.png Currency Chronos Stones are the currency used to encounter characters in the Gallery of Dreams. They can also be used to purchase additional Key Cards to enter Another Dungeons. Both red and green Key Cards cost 20 Chronos Stones each. Upon losing a battle, 50 Chronos Stones can also be used to continue the fight. However, this feature is not available for certain battles, such as Weapon Manifestation.

Chronos Stones can be obtained by completing quests and obtaining awards. In addition, 20 Chronos Stones are provided once a day upon login via the Lynx Delivery System (accessed using the "Inbox") and another 10 Chronos Stones can be claimed once a day from the "Buy Chronos Stones" store (accessed by selecting "Menu", "Other", "Buy Chronos Stones", or by selecting "+" next to the Chronos Stones display).

Chronos Stones can also be purchased with real money transactions. The USD cost of Chronos Stones are as shown in the table. Promotions on Chronos Stones may also be held during certain events.

Amount Cost (USD) Chronos Stone per Dollar (USD)
Chronos Stones x25 $0.99 25.25
Chronos Stones x125 $4.99 25.05
Chronos Stones x250 $9.99 25.03
Chronos Stones x500 $16.99 29.43
Chronos Stones x1050 $31.99 32.82
Chronos Stones x3250 $79.99 40.63
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