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202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png Clarte

General Information
Rarity 4
Element Skill Type 8 2.pngSkill Type 8 64.png Earth, Crystal
Attack Type Magic
Weapon Type 202000000 icon.png Staff (Blunt)
Accessory Type 216000004 icon.png Ring
Light/Shadow Type Luring Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Stat 4★ Min 4★ Max
HP 2380
MP 412
PWR 98
INT 130
END 108
SPR 127
SPD 127
LCK 99

Other Data
Era Antiquity
Id 101000261
Japanese Name クラルテ
Korean Name
Chinese Name 古拉爾迪
Obtain Side Story 2.5 ch2
Release Date Nov 25, 2020
Japanese VA Actor Yuki Kaida

A mysterious figure who was found collapsed by Aldo and the others. This stranger's memories were lost, but Clarte has vague memories of Melina and Noah. Due to this condition, it is hard to know exactly what Clarte's true intentions are. Clarte only vaguely remembers hearing a strange voice asking for help in the church headquarters off in the western lands. Following this lead. Clarte travels there to find out the truth.
Character Quest Unlock Conditions
Luring Shadow Icon.png Shadow Stat Bonuses [1]
5 HP +100
15 END +10
30 INT +10
50 MP +40
75 SPD +15
105 HP +400
140 END +20
175 INT +25
215 MP +80
255 SPD +30
Rarity Class Name
2★ Caster
3★ Medium
4★ Enigma
5★ (Unreleased) Ouranos
Valor Chant Description
This is my burden. Intelligence of all party members +15% (1 turn)
name eff
name eff

Skill Name
Ele Element 
Type Description Multiplier[2] MP
Skill Type Lunatic Crystal.png Lunatic Crystal Status 
Crystal Status Activate Lunatic Status on user (3 turns)
  • Copy Skills execute twice.
    • Copy has 0 MP cost and no AF gain.
    • Copy increases Combo multiplier in AF normally.
    • Copy counts as 2nd move for buffs.
    • Animation in AF has length of 2 complete skills
  • Lunatic replaces the basic attack button, can be used once per battle
N/A 0
Skill Type 8 64.png Crystal 
Soul Cristal
Crystal Magic Crystal type magic attack on all enemies (S)
  • Skill multiplier increases by 30% on consecutive use up to 180%
Skill Type 8 2.png Earth 
Rock Ball
Earth Magic Earth type magic attack on all enemies (S) 12
None Healing/Buff Restore all party members' HP (M) and Type Resistance +30% (3 turns) 30
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
None Debuff Intelligence and Speed of all enemies -15% (3 turns) and Restore all statuses of all party members N/A 24
Skill Type 8 2.png Earth 
Terre Lumiere
Earth Magic Earth type magic attack on a single enemy (L) + Earth and Crystal type attacks of all party members +20% (3 turns: max stack x4) 42
Skill Type 8 64.png Crystal 
Soul Etoile
Crystal Magic Crystal type magic attack on all enemies (L)
  • Skill multiplier increases by 65% on consecutive use up to 325%
5★ Skills (Unreleased):
??? -----
Skill Type 8 64.png Crystal 
Sole Aerolithe
Crystal Magic Crystal type magic attack on all enemies (XL)
  • Increased Power of skill when used consecutively.
    • Skill multiplier increases to 230, 290, 340%

Skill Name
Ele Element 
Type Description Multiplier

※Mod refers to the INT/M.Atk-dependent Elemental Modifier value, which starts at 1 for new characters, and increases to between 1.5 and 2.0 for maxed-level 4/5★ characters.

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  2. Skill effects and modifiers are investigated on this site