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Phys (PWR/ATK)
Phys (SPD/ATK)
Phys (INT/M.AT)

The following is the damage formula given in the official Another Eden World Ultimania book. [1] This is separate from the Healing Formula. Also rechecked and updated with all new game features and additions to formula by wiki team.

Damage Formula[edit]

Base Formula:[edit]

Main Formula:[edit]

  • ※The minimum allowed value of (BaseDamage * ElementalModifier) is 1 if EnemyDEF exceeds ATK by 2 times for normal hits (or 4 times for critical hits).

Skill Multipliers:[edit]

Buffs, Debuffs Multipliers:[edit]

Grasta, Weapons Multipliers:[edit]

Full Formula[edit]

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)


Critical Hit Chance[edit]

※By default, only physical attacks are capable of critical hits.

※However, magic attacks can deal critical hits if a character uses an ability or equipment which adds critical rate. For instance, a Power of Sorcery Mind Grasta can be equipped to add a 40% critical hit rate to all magic attacks, while AS Mighty's Meditation skill provides him with guaranteed critical hits for three magic attacks.

Base Damage[edit]

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)[edit]

Characters who do not use a staff weapon will deal physical damage based on their PWR and ATK.

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)[edit]

Characters who use a staff weapon will deal physical damage based on their INT and M.ATK. Excluding Staff Slam - basic attack skill.


All magic attacks, regardless of weapon, are based on INT and M.ATK. Examples include Joker's Megidolaon skill.

Elemental Modifier[edit]

The Element Modifier is equal to 1 for Null element attacks, otherwise refer to the formulas below. Also, please note that Intelligence buffs have no effect on Element Modifiers.

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)[edit]

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)[edit]


Damage Spread[edit]

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)[edit]

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)[edit]


Skill Multiplier[edit]

The following are standard multipliers on character skills, they apply to character total damage.[2]:

Single Hit Skills
Basic attack Physical Non-Elemental 100%
Skill Target Skill Type Element Skill S M L XL
Single Target Physical Non-Elemental 150% 170% 190% 210%
Elemental 140% 160% 180% 200%
Magical Non-Elemental 140% 160% 180% 200%
Elemental 130% 150% 170% 190%
AoE Physical Non-Elemental 110% 130% 150% 170%
Elemental 100% 120% 140% 160%
Magical Non-Elemental 100% 120% 140% 160%
Elemental 90% 110% 130% 150%
  • Multi-hit skill modifiers when summed up are equivalent to their single hit skill modifiers.
    • eg. A non-elemental physical single target skill (150%) multi-hit skill will have a multiplier on each attack of 75% x2 or 50% x3.
  • If the number of hits divides unevenly, round the multiplier up.
    • eg. Foran's Lightning Stab has a 190% multiplier, but 3 hits = 63.3333...%. This rounds up to 64% x3.
  • Some characters have non standard multipliers. Example Tsubame, Elga
  • Some characters have double attack skills, as example Single Target XL, plus AoE M Hozuki, Melina with manifest. Or when additional attacks are added from some stacking mechanic: Suzette AS, Akane AS
    • In such case each additional attack uses full damage formula with own multipliers, like if several skills were used.

Enemy Resistance[edit]

  • When attacking an enemy Weak to your attack,
    • Value is 2.0 for magical attacks.
    • Value is for Str-based Physical attacks.
    • Value is for Int-based Physical attacks.
  • When attacking a Resistant enemy, value is 0.25.
  • When attacking a Absorptive enemy, value is -0.5 (skill heals rather than dealing damage).
    • During Another Force, the value is 0.
  • When attacking an Ineffective enemy, value is 0.
  • When attacking normal enemies, value is 1.

Other Multipliers of Damage Formula[edit]

Every multiplier applies to total damage.

  • Buffs or Debuffs of the same group, stack with diminishing returns:
    Formula for Diminished returns is: 1 + A% + (A x B%) + (A x B% x C%), where A is the highest value.
    • Same group isBuffs or Debuffs with same name of effect.
      • Fire resistance debuff of 1 char and Fire resistance debuff of 2nd char
      • PWR Buff + PWR Buff..
    • Additional groups of same type:
      • Type resistance Buff, + Fire\Wind\Water\Earth res Buffs. Also they all decrease Null magic damage.
      • Type resistance Debuff + Fire\Wind\Water\Earth res Debuffs. Also they all increase Null magic damage.
      • Type damage Buff + Fire\Wind\Water\Earth damage Buffs.
      • Physical resistance Buff + Pierce\Blunt\Slash res Buffs
      • Physical resistance Debuff + Pierce\Blunt\Slash res Debuffs.
    • Buffs\Debuffs with stacks (30% max stack: x3-5). Usually stack base+half+half... ex. 30+15+15=60%. There are exceptions: Lovely
      • Combining stacked Buff\Debuff with Buff\Debuff of same group results it's total number to be used in diminishing returns formula. (60% from above ex.)
    • Crit damage up buffs stack additively: 50% + 30% + 50% = +130% = x2.3 Multiplier
  • Skill effect multipliers: Possible effects present on skills divide to:
    • Effect with Icon are Buffs and Debuffs, they can affect damage from other skills of characters.
      • Icon on party members, it adds to Buff Multiplier of that specific Buff type.
      • Icon on enemies,it adds to Debuff Multiplierof that specific Debuff type.
    • Effect without Icon, present only in description, it affects this skill only. It is Skill Effect Multiplier
    • Buffs, Debuffs, Skills Effects are 3 different multipliers, that are multiplicative with each other.
  • Example of calculation:
    • Water Zone in Effect +50% water damage.
    • Myunfa uses Crit DMG +50% VC
    • Dewey with manifest(unreleased) uses Mist Blast Crit DMG +50%.
    • Shanie (Another Style) uses Wasserfall with one stack, that increases her Normal damage +100%, and Crit damage +100% from normal. Also she has Water Type damage Buff +30% on her. She Crits with this attack.
      • Damage Calculation here is only for Multipliers, doesn't include Base formula, elemental mod, etc.
      • 200%(XL ST) x ~2.25 (critical) x 2 (skill effect: normal damage) x2 (skill effect: critical damage) x 2 (buffs:
        critical damage  50% +50% 
        ) x 1.5 (zone) x 1.3 (buffs: water damage) = ~7020% damage


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