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DMG Formula Parts
Phys (PWR/ATK)
Phys (SPD/ATK)
Phys (INT/M.AT)

The following is the damage formula given in the official Another Eden World Ultimania book. [1] This is separate from the Healing Formula. Also rechecked and updated with all new game features and additions to formula by wiki team.

Damage Formula[edit]

Base Formula:[edit]

Main Formula:[edit]

  • ※The minimum allowed value of (BaseDamage * ElementalModifier) is 1 if EnemyDEF exceeds ATK by 2 times for normal hits (or 4 times for critical hits).

Skill Multipliers:[edit]

Buffs, Debuffs Multipliers:[edit]

Grasta, Weapons Multipliers:[edit]

Full Formula[edit]

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)


Critical Hit Chance[edit]

※By default, only physical attacks are capable of critical hits.

※However, magic attacks can deal critical hits if a character uses an ability or equipment which adds critical rate. For instance, a Power of Sorcery Mind Grasta can be equipped to add a 40% critical hit rate to all magic attacks, while AS Mighty's Meditation skill provides him with guaranteed critical hits for three magic attacks.

Base Damage[edit]

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)[edit]

Characters who do not use a staff weapon will deal physical damage based on their PWR and ATK.

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)[edit]

Characters who use a staff weapon will deal physical damage based on their INT and M.ATK. Excluding Staff Slam - basic attack skill.


All magic attacks, regardless of weapon, are based on INT and M.ATK. Examples include Joker's Megidolaon skill.

Elemental Modifier[edit]

The Element Modifier is equal to 1 for Null element attacks, otherwise refer to the formulas below. Also, please note that Intelligence buffs have no effect on Element Modifiers.

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)[edit]

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)[edit]


Damage Spread[edit]

Physical (PWR/ATK dependent)[edit]

Physical (INT/M.AT dependent)[edit]


Skill Multiplier[edit]

The following are standard multipliers on character skills, they apply to character total damage.[2]:

Single Hit Skills
Basic attack Physical Non-Elemental 100%
Skill Target Skill Type Element Skill S M L XL
Single Target Physical Non-Elemental 150% 170% 190% 210%
Elemental 140% 160% 180% 200%
Magical Non-Elemental 140% 160% 180% 200%
Elemental 130% 150% 170% 190%
AoE Physical Non-Elemental 110% 130% 150% 170%
Elemental 100% 120% 140% 160%
Magical Non-Elemental 100% 120% 140% 160%
Elemental 90% 110% 130% 150%
  • Multi-hit skill modifiers when summed up are equivalent to their single hit skill modifiers.
    • eg. A non-elemental physical single target skill (150%) multi-hit skill will have a multiplier on each attack of 75% x2 or 50% x3.
  • If the number of hits divides unevenly, round the multiplier up.
    • eg. Foran's Lightning Stab has a 190% multiplier, but 3 hits = 63.3333...%. This rounds up to 64% x3.
  • Some characters have non standard multipliers. Example Tsubame, Elga
  • Some characters have double attack skills, as example Single Target XL, plus AoE M Hozuki, Melina with manifest. Or when additional attacks are added from some stacking mechanic: Suzette AS, Akane AS
    • In such case each additional attack uses full damage formula with own multipliers, like if several skills were used.

Enemy Resistance[edit]

  • When attacking an enemy Weak to your attack,
    • Value is 2.0 for magical attacks.
    • Value is for Pwr-based Physical attacks.
    • Value is for Int-based Physical attacks.
  • When attacking a Resistant enemy, value is 0.25.
  • When attacking a Absorptive enemy, value is -0.5 (skill heals rather than dealing damage).
    • During Another Force, the value is 0.
  • When attacking an Ineffective enemy, value is 0.
  • When attacking normal enemies, value is 1.

Other Multipliers of Damage Formula[edit]

Every multiplier applies to total damage.

Differentiation of effects[edit]

  • Buffs / Debuff effects from Skills and Valor Chants
    • Icon is present on target (character or enemy). Affects all target's skills that can be applied to case.
    1. Standard Buff / Debuff
    2. Stackable Buff / Debuff (only from skills)
      • Number of stacks present on icon. Description has level of current stacking "Stack 2/3".
  • Buffs / Debuff effects from Equipment
    • Icon with <E> is present on character. Affects all character's skills that can be applied to case.
  • Skill damage increasing effects
    • No icons are present.
    1. Built-in Skill damage increasing effect
      • Only skill description mentions this effect. Affects this specific skill only if conditions are met.
    2. Skill damage increasing effect from Equipment
      • Only grasta\weapon\armor\badge description mentions this effect. Affects all skills of character if conditions are met.
  • Named Stacks from Skills and Valor Chants
    • Round white or red icon is present on target. Named stacks have unlimited duration until some skill with Named stack remove effect is not used or target dies.

Types of stacking[edit]

  • Multiplication
    • This is Base of Damage formula. All parts of damage formula that can't affect each other are multipliers to base damage. Effects that affect each other grouped by some other type of stacking, and after calculation of max stack total value inside such group, Total value becomes multiplier to base damage.
    • Formula: DMG x (A/100) x (Group1/100) ... x (GroupX/100)...
  • Stacking with diminished returns.
    • This type of stacking is used for Buffs / Debuffs from Skills and Valor Chants of the Same groups by effects.
    • Formula for Diminished returns is: 1 + (A%) + (A% x B%) + (A% x B% x C%) + ...
      • (where A is the highest effect value. Max value is capped at 100%. )
      • Example: 50% PWR + 30% PWR + 15% PWR = 1 + 0.5 + 0.5x0.3 + 0.5 x 0.3 x 0.15 = 1.67 multiplier to PWR (+67%)
  • Stacking with half effect value
    • This type of stacking is used specifically for Stackable Buffs / Debuffs from skills
    • Formula is 1 + A% + (A% x 0.5) + (A% x 0.5) (ex. 30%+15%+15%=60% or x1.6 multiplier)
    • There are exceptions - Lovely - (30%+10%+10%+10%=60%). Kikyo (30%+30%+30%=90%)
  • Additive stacking
    • This type of stacking is used for:
      • Buffs / Debuffs from Equipment, with <E> icon on character,
      • Critical rate and Critical Damage Buffs from skills or equipment.
      • Physical resistance group stack with Type resistance group of Buffs / Debuffs for elemental physical attacks
    • Formula is: 1 + A% + B% + C%
    • This type of stacking is not hard-capped. But resists and rates over 100% have no effect value.

Buffs and Debuffs, Groups By Effects[edit]

Groups with diminishing returns stacking (Skills / VC only)[edit]

  • Same group is Buffs / Debuffs with same name of effect or icon.
    • Fire resistance debuff of one character and Fire resistance debuff of another character
    • PWR Buff + PWR Buff
    • Katana attack buff + Katana attack buff
    • etc.
  • Additional groups of same type:
    • Type resistance group:
      • Type resistance+ and Fire/Wind/Water/Earth resistance+
        NOTE: this group also decreases Magic attacks without specific element
      • Type resistance- and Fire/Wind/Water/Earth resistance-
        NOTE: this group also increases Magic attacks without specific element
    • Physical resistance group:
      • Physical resistance+ + Pierce/Blunt/Slash resistance+
      • Physical resistance- + Pierce/Blunt/Slash resistance-
    • Type attack+ Buff
      NOTE: Buff from Skills/VC with duration (X moves). Buffs all possible sources of damage. Groups with:
      • Type attack+ and Fire/Wind/Water/Earth attack+ for that element physical and magical attacks.
      • Type attack+ and Non-Type attack+ for elementless physical attacks.
    • Combining "Stackable Buff\Debuff" with "Buff\Debuff" in the same group:
    1. "Stackable Buff\Debuff" Total is calculated using Stacking with half effect value Formula
    2. Then combines using Stacking with diminished returns formula.
    • Example: (30% max stack x3) buff + 50% buff = (30+15+15=60%) + (60% x 50%) = 90% = x1.9 multiplier
    • "Combining Named stacks Total" with "Buff\Debuff" in the same group:
    1. Named stacks total calculated using Additive stacking formula
    2. Then combines using Stacking with diminished returns formula.

Groups with additive stacking[edit]

  • Type resistance group and Physical resistance group for attacks with both properties
  • Critical rate buffs from skills and equipment
  • Critical damage increased buffs from skills
  • Equipment buffs with visible <E> icon
  • Named stacks with white \ red round icons Total


Everything else that is not included in Additive and Diminishing stacking groups - multiplies total damage, mostly things that are invisible in a fight, without icons. Effects are only readable from inventory or skill descriptions.

  • Stances base effect that changes damage values of elements and damage types.
  • Skill damage increasing effects without icons specifically. Skills\Weapons\Grasta. These can be considered as direct skill modifier increases.
    • Increase when target affected with poison or pain
    • Increase when some HP value is met of skills.
    • Increase damage when Named stacks present\consumed.
  • Anything else invisible...

Example of calculation[edit]

    • Water Zone in Effect +50% water damage.
    • Myunfa uses Crit DMG +50% VC
    • Dewey with manifest(unreleased) uses Mist Blast Crit DMG +50%.
    • Shanie (Another Style) uses Wasserfall with one stack, that increases her Normal damage +100%, and Crit damage +100% from normal. Also she has Water Type damage Buff +30% on her. She Crits with this attack.
      • Damage Calculation here is only for Multipliers, doesn't include Base formula, elemental mod, etc.
      • 200%(XL ST) x ~2.25 (critical) x 2 (skill effect: normal damage) x2 (skill effect: critical damage) x 2 (buffs:
        critical damage  50% +50% 
        ) x 1.5 (zone) x 1.3 (buffs: water damage) = ~7020% damage

Distinct Debuffs[edit]

Skills of some characters have "Damage increases from number of distinct debuffs on target" Such characters currently: (Hozuki,Isuka,Ciel AS, Shannon AS, Ewan AS) ... This effect normally applies to basic attacks\skill damage multipliers, directly increasing "size" of skill damage.

  • Counts toward distinct number:
    • All effects marked by Debuff icons with red arrow down.
    • Each Debuff with different icon counts once
    • Stacking debuff and not stacking debuff with same icon count only once
  • Do not counts toward distinct number:
    • Stacks with stack icons with debuff effects.

Distinct Buffs[edit]

smth smth ... distinct buff types... Yukino,

  • Buffs with the exact same icon are counted once, with the two buff types below independent of each other:
    • Skill buffs (marked with green arrow up)
    • Grasta\Weapons\Armor\Badge effects (marked with a small E)


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