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Fishing is a new feature introduced in patch 1.3.1. Fishing becomes available as you progress through the first quest of Thousand Year Treasure, once you reach Kira Beach you will unlock access to the Kamasu Tackle Shop.

To start fishing, find a fishing spot and tap the fishing icon when you're out in the field. After you select your bait, tap the water where you want to cast your line and start fishing.

There are 2 methods to reel you fish in.

  • Tap when your lure sinks after a fish bites.
  • Tap and hold after casting your line, then release when your lure sinks after a fish bites.

Device will vibrate if the option is enabled when the lure sinks

Fishing System[edit | edit source]

Area Level[edit | edit source]

Recommended level you should have your rod leveled to catch the fish in each area. Most areas have fish with different rod/reel/float levels needed.

Rod Level[edit | edit source]

Increases in level by catching fish, up to level 30.

A higher level rod allows you to catch more powerful fish.

Kamasu Points[edit | edit source]

Automatically received when bringing fish to the Kamasu Fishing Store.

Fish Stone[edit | edit source]

Primarily received as rewards from Fishing Awards. The Side Story also rewards a few.

Fish Shadow[edit | edit source]

Each Area has 10 fish shadows when you enter the fishing spot. Each shadow will give an extra chance to catch the fish if you fail the first one. Each area will reset after 30 minutes.

Double/Triple Hit[edit | edit source]

This is an effect that will allow you to catch additional fish if you are lucky enough. There are also some fish that can only be caught from this effect.

Double Hit Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish Name Location
Kelpie Last island
Devil Moray Spacetime Rift
Barunessie Baruoki
Magmyne Vasu Mountain
Marsh Dragon Man-eating Marsh
Pair Ribbonfish Dragon Palace

Triple Hit Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish Name Location
Rolling Turtle Nilva
Greater Whale Spacetime Rift
Kraken Acteul
Sky Serpent Elzion Airport
Scylla Rucyana Sands
Hydra Serena Coast

Monster Fish[edit | edit source]

There are some fish that when you reel them in you will have to battle them. These have Material drops for equipment.

Monster Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish Common Material Rare Material
Abyss fish Thin Long FangSparkly Gelatin
Zwei Purple Shell?
Dessert Rhost Skin-like RockSand Tear
Devil Moray Hard Sharp CubeThorny Scale
Fugulin ??
Lucky Blowfish Green Thorn?
Marsh Coelus Water-Repellent Scale?
Marsh Dragon Water-Proof SkinHuge Fin
Magma Slime Magma Jelly?
Robo Jerryfish Water Proof Sensor?
Robo Ammonite Robo Shell?
Red Sahuagin Sahuagin Pole?

Horror Fish[edit | edit source]

Fish Level Weakness Resistance Material
Greater Whale 70WindEarth?
Kelpie 70EarthWaterCryptid Mane
Magmyne 70WaterFireLava Snail
Barunessie 70FireWindIsland Dragon Signpost
Sky Serpent 80-Absorbs: Wind?
Scylla 80-Absorbs: Earth?
Kraken 80-Absorbs: Fire?
Hydra 80-Absorbs: Water?

Fishing Spots Fish.png[edit | edit source]

Era Location Name Area Level
Antiquity Kira Beach Kira Beach 1
Antiquity Dragon Palace Outer / Inner Dragon Palace Lake 1-9
Future Elzion Airport Vaper Trail 1-25
Antiquity Acteul Spirit's Shower 1-25
Present Nuaru Uplands Abbetos Bath 1-7
Present Baruoki Friendly Lake 1-15
Antiquity Vasu Mountain Lord Ukulele's Stone Bath 7-15
Antiquity Lake Tiilen Silent Water Surface 6-15
Present Karek Swampland Half Fishman Garden 4-9
Present Rinde Port Bridge 6-15
Present Serena Coast Merchant's Sprinkler 8-25
Present Rucyana Sands Desert Pot 10-25
Antiquity Charol Plains Charol Well 9-22
Antiquity Man-eating Marsh Man-eating Marsh 8-15
Future Nilva Peaceful Line 12-25
??? Spacetime Rift Dimension Bank 11-25
Future Last Island Last Ocean 15

Kamasu Tackle Shop Fish item.png[edit | edit source]

At the fishing store, you can upgrade your rod and buy bait.-

Talk to the Storekeeper to trade your fish for "Kamasu Points." The selection of products the shop offers will expand as the level of your fishing rod increases.

Bait[edit | edit source]

Name Min Rod Lv Rec Rod Lv Cost
Fishing Dango - 2 Gold.pngx500
Worm - 5 Gold.pngx1,000
Unexpected Worm - 4 Gold.pngx3,000
Shopaholic Clam 7 8 Barracuda.pngx1
Spree Snail 7 6 Barracuda.pngx2
Dressed Crab 7 14 Barracuda.pngx3
Tear Crab 7 10 Barracuda.pngx4
Foamy Worm 15 14 Barracuda.pngx6
Bubbly Worm 15 13 Barracuda.pngx8
Snitch Sardine 15 21 Barracuda.pngx10
Blabber Sardine 22 17 Barracuda.pngx30
Crab Cake 15 15 Gold.pngx4,000
Premium Crab Cake 15 21 Gold.pngx6,000

Cooler[edit | edit source]

Name Capacity Bonus Cost
Wooden Cooling Box 10 - Default
Wooden Cooling Box II 15 25% FishMedal.pngx5
Wooden Cooling Box III 20 50% FishMedal.pngx10
Iron Cooling Box 25 75% FishMedal.pngx15
Iron Cooling Box II 30 100% FishMedal.pngx20
Iron Cooling Box III 35 125% FishMedal.pngx30
Refrigerator 40 150% FishMedal.pngx40
Refrigerator II 60 200% FishMedal.pngx60
Refrigerator III 80 250% FishMedal.pngx80
Refrigerator IV 100 300% FishMedal.pngx100

Hook[edit | edit source]

Fish Hook II and higher increase the chance of catching two things at once.

Dimensional Hook and higher increase the chances of catching three things at once.

Name Min Rod Lv Cost
Fish Hook - Default
Fish Hook II - FishMedal.pngx5
Fish Hook III - FishMedal.pngx10
Big Fish Hook - FishMedal.pngx20
Big Fish Hook II - FishMedal.pngx40
Big Fish Hook III - FishMedal.pngx60
Claw Hook 15 FishMedal.pngx80
Claw Hook II 15 FishMedal.pngx100
Claw Hook III 15 FishMedal.pngx120
Orochi Hook 15 FishMedal.pngx150
Orochi Hook II 15 FishMedal.pngx180
Orochi Hook III 15 FishMedal.pngx200
Dimensional Hook 15 FishMedal.pngx200
Dimensional Hook II 15 FishMedal.pngx200
Dimensional Hook III 15 FishMedal.pngx200

Reel[edit | edit source]

Better reels allow you to catch faster fish.

Name Cost
Beginner Reel Default
Beginner Reel II Barracuda.pngx3
Beginner Reel III Barracuda.pngx8
Beginner Reel IV Barracuda.pngx15
Beginner Reel V Barracuda.pngx30
Woody Reel Barracuda.pngx60
Woody Reel II Barracuda.pngx100
Woody Reel III Barracuda.pngx120
Woody Reel IV Barracuda.pngx160
Woody Reel V Barracuda.pngx200
Basic Reel Barracuda.pngx300
Basic Reel II Barracuda.pngx400
Basic Reel III Barracuda.pngx500
Basic Reel IV Barracuda.pngx600
Basic Reel V Barracuda.pngx1,000
Custom Reel Barracuda.pngx1,300
Custom Reel II Barracuda.pngx1,600
Custom Reel III Barracuda.pngx2,100
Custom Reel IV Barracuda.pngx2,500
Custom Reel V Barracuda.pngx3,100
Smooth Reel Barracuda.pngx4,100
Smooth Reel II Barracuda.pngx5,200
Smooth Reel III Barracuda.pngx6,300
Smooth Reel IV Barracuda.pngx8,400
Smooth Reel V Barracuda.pngx9,500
Master Reel Barracuda.pngx10,600
Master Reel II Barracuda.pngx11,700
Master Reel III Barracuda.pngx12,800
Master Reel IV Barracuda.pngx13,900
Master Reel V Barracuda.pngx15,000

Float[edit | edit source]

The float increases the time you are able to bait fish.

Name Cost
Clay Float Default
Clay Float II Barracuda.pngx8
Clay Float III Barracuda.pngx30
Pumice Float Barracuda.pngx100
Pumice Float II Barracuda.pngx160
Pumice Float III Barracuda.pngx300
Nut Float Barracuda.pngx500
Nut Float II Barracuda.pngx1,000
Nut Float III Barracuda.pngx1,600
Rubber Float Barracuda.pngx2,500
Rubber Float II Barracuda.pngx3,900
Rubber Float III Barracuda.pngx6,100
New Material Float Barracuda.pngx8,900
New Material Float II Barracuda.pngx11,100
New Material Float III Barracuda.pngx13,000

An excellent guide by Living Green:[[1]].