Gariyu (Enemy)

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Gariyu can only be fought by bringing him the Flame Eater Ash. You will have to pursue the Flame Eater all the way to Xeno Domain and defeat its level 80 form to unlock the fight. Defeating him adds him to the roster.

Zol Plains

Level Type Location(s) Weakness(es) Resist(s) Absorb(s) Drop(s)
?? Quest Mob Zol Plains
Skill Type 8 2.png
Skill Type 8 4.png
Skill Type 8 1.png
• None


1 Burning ShieldWind RES Up M + Physical RES Up M (3 turns)
2 Flame StrikeFire-type magic attack on all enemies
3 I'm gonna burn you up!All enemies Fire RES Down (3 turns)
4 Fiendish FlameFire-type magic attack on one enemy + poison
5 ExplosionFire-type magic attack x2 on one enemy