Goblin King

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Rank Name Requirement Reward
Gold Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the Goblin KingBeat the Goblin KingGem.png x50

Moonlight Forest (Lv.65)[1]

Moonlight Forest
65  Levels 
Hidden Boss


- Basic Attack-
- Fight fight!
Skill Type 4 0.png Blunt 
Blunt attack on all enemies + Inflict rage
Now I'm mad! — 20% HP
1 Basic Attack-
2 Basic Attack-
3 No forgive!
Skill Type 4 2.png Earth Blunt 
Earth-type blunt attack on all enemies

The Goblin King appears at the very end of Moonlight Forest, as early as Chapter 12. To get to fight him, you must first collect the Goblin Loincloth from Keruri Highroad in Antiquity. Travel east from the Tower of Time entrance until you find a secret path leading up to the chest containing the key item.

Travel west from the Rift portal in the Moonlight Forest and re-enter Beast Vares's boss area to encounter it.

The Goblin King is accompanied by two Level 60 Goblins and one Level 59 Goblin.

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