IDA School Part 1: Absolute Zero Chain

From Another Eden
IDA School Part 1: Absolute Zero Chain
IDA School Part 1- Absolute Zero Chain.png
  • Completed Chapter 13
  • App must be updated to Ver. 1.2.100
Start Location El Theta District
Reward Character Jade
Dungeon Saki's Dream World
Related Encounter -
Release Date March 27, 2019

Summary[edit source]

Elzion’s prestigious academic campus: the IDA School...
The rumors spiraling around the students have reached Aldo, who found his way to the school through a strange invitation.
The woman in the wall, a lone android, a strange group of students in white suits, and dark apples...
There is some truth beginning to stir behind these illogical rumors, and a white-haired student named Jade attempts to step into the abyss for his own personal reasons...unaware of the truth about Absolute Zero that lies ahead...

Bonus Characters[edit source]

Bonus Characters
Character Bonus Multiplier
1.5x (0.9x)
0.75x (0.45x)
0.75x (0.45x)
0.75x (0.45x)
0.75x (0.45x)
0.75x (0.45x)

Scores[edit source]

Scores are rewarded from Saki's Dream World when opening treasure chests as well as defeating enemies. The amount of points rewarded is as follows:

Action Amount
Normal Hard Very Hard
Opening Treasure Chests 10~250 100~300 200~600
Defeating Regular Mobs # of Enemies x8 # of Enemies x40 # of Enemies x80
Defeating Horrors 160 800 1,600
Defeating Boss 80 400 800

Scores Rewards List[edit source]

Scores Rewards
Scores Reward
1,000 Medium Class Scroll x3
2,000 Chronos Stone x20
3,000 Luring Shadow (Lance) x2
4,000 Chronos Stone x20
5,000 Murmur Script x5
6,000 Medium Class Scroll x3
7,500 Chronos Stone x20
9,000 Guiding Light (Lance) x2
10,500 Chronos Stone x20
12,000 Murmur Script x10
13,500 Medium Class Scroll x3
15,000 Chronos Stone x20
20,000 Luring Shadow (Lance) x2
25,000 Patriarch Tome x1
30,000 Prayer Script x3
40,000 High Class Scroll x3
50,000 Chronos Stone x50
60,000 Guiding Light (Lance) x2
70,000 Chronos Stone x50
80,000 Prayer Script x3
90,000 High Class Scroll x3
100,000 Chronos Stone x50
110,000 Luring Shadow (Lance) x3
120,000 Chronos Stone x50
130,000 Prayer Script x3
140,000 High Class Scroll x3
150,000 Chronos Stone x50
160,000 Guiding Light (Lance) x3
170,000 Chronos Stone x50
180,000 Chant Script x1
190,000 High Class Scroll x3
200,000 Chronos Stone x50
210,000 Luring Shadow (Lance) x3
220,000 Chronos Stone x50
230,000 Chant Script x1
240,000 High Class Scroll x3
255,000 Chronos Stone x50
270,000 Guiding Light (Lance) x3
285,000 Chronos Stone x50
300,000 Chant Script x1

Quest Line[edit source]