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{{#cargo_store:_table=Cats |Id=3 |ImageID=411002002 |Name=Langelo |Gender=Male |Personality=Cleanly |Home=Baruoki - North, 0300-0900 UTC |NeutralGifts=Regular Small Fish, Cute Butterfly |LikedGifts=Decent Small Fish, Winged Fish |LovedGifts=Yummy Small Fish, Dwelling Crab |UniqueGift=Ball of Yarn |CommonGift=Squishy Furball |BattleType=Pounce |SkillEffect=SPD+30% |ValorChant=SPD+30% }}

411002002 l.png
Home Location
Baruoki - North, 0300-0900 UTC
Neutral Gifts
Regular Small Fish, Cute Butterfly
Liked Gifts
Decent Small Fish, Winged Fish
Loved Gifts
Yummy Small Fish, Dwelling Crab
Common Gift
Squishy Furball
Unique Gift
Ball of Yarn