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202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png Nonold

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General Information
Rarity 3~4
Element Skill Type 8 0.png None
Attack Type Magic
Weapon Type 202000000 icon.png Staff (Blunt)
Accessory Type 216000004 icon.png Ring
Light/Shadow Type Guiding Light Icon.png Light

Stat 3★ Min 4★ Max
HP 230 2262
MP 64 471
PWR 8 98
INT 12 130
END 9 108
SPR 12 122
SPD 12 132
LCK 9 99

Other Data
Era Future
Id 101000211
Japanese Name ノノルド (Nonorudo)
Korean Name 노놀드 (Nonoldeu)
Chinese Name 諾諾德
Obtain Dreams
Release Date Jul 4, 2019
Japanese VA Actor Mitsuki Saiga

A narcissistic scientist who considers himself a genius. He looks very young, but he was employed by KMS as a researcher until recently. He acts like an insolent child, though it could just be teenage angst. It's certainly true that he is a top-class scientist...
Character Quest Unlock Conditions
Flowers for You Location: Elzion Gamma District
  • Clear Main Story Chapter 11
  • Reach level 5
All That Time Spent Together Location: Elzion Theta District
  • Clear Main Story Chapter 15
  • Reach level 30
  • 4★ or more
See Nonold's Character Quest(s) 1-2 in video here!
Guiding Light Icon.png Light Stat Bonuses [1]
5 HP +100
15 END +10
30 INT +10
50 MP +40
75 SPD +15
105 HP +300
140 END +20
175 INT +25
215 MP +80
255 SPD +30
Rarity Class Name
2★ Caster
3★ Mage
4★ Alchemist
Valor Chant Description
Don't you need my intellect for this? Type resistance of all enemies -15% (1 turn)
I can see the equation for victory! Type resistance of all enemies -20% (1 turn)

Skill Name
Ele Element 
Type Description Multiplier[2] MP
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Liquid Bomb
None Magic Magic attack on all enemies (S) and inflict Poison 18
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
None Healing Restores all statuses N/A 5
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Sleep Ray
None Magic Magic attack on a single enemy (M) and Inflict Sleep 22
None Buff Power of all party members +20% and Intelligence +20% but Speed -20% (3 turns) N/A 26
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Toxic Frolic
None Debuff Intelligence of all enemies -20% (3 turns) and Inflict Megapoison N/A 24
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Poison Bomb
None Magic Magic attack on all enemies (L) and inflict Poison 40

Skill Name
Ele Element 
Type Description Multiplier

※Mod refers to the INT/M.Atk-dependent Elemental Modifier value, which starts at 1 for new characters, and increases to between 1.5 and 2.0 for maxed-level 4/5★ characters.

Character Roles detected in descriptions on this page by parser:

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  2. Skill effects and modifiers are investigated on this site