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Trait Personalities

These are personalities which pertain to some trait about the character (eg. Suzette has a "Sweet tooth" personality because she loves sweets, "Eastern" personality characters come from the East, etc.). Multiple characters* who have the same personality trait, and it is marked with green color in character info in game can activate a special combo attack, are in the active party at the end of a full Another Force attack. Such personalities are:

  • Protagonist and Luring Shadow traits do not follow that rule: for them, it is enough to have only one character of trait in active party to perform the combo attack.

Personalities with Finishers

Can activate a special combo attack.

Personalities without Finishers

Do not have a special combo attack.

Art personality(6 P)
COA personality(7 P)
Geo personality(3 P)
Gun personality(10 P)
KMS personality(5 P)
West personality(14 P)