Phantom Crystal Dimension

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The Phantom Crystal Dimension is a bonus level introduced in v1.3.8.

Overview[edit | edit source]


Access to the Phantom Crystal Dimension can only be done while the player has obtained a White Key. The player has a 10% chance of obtaining a White Key at the end of any Another Dungeon run, regardless of difficulty and location. A player can only have one White Key on them at a time, so it is best to enter the Phantom Crystal Dimension as soon as it is available.

While the player holds a White Key, the Another Dungeon door will glow. The Another Dungeon menu will also reveal a previously-inaccessible "???" era tab, also glowing, to indicate its availability.

The Phantom Crystal Dimension is devoid of enemies, and consists of several worlds, each with multiple portals. Originally the mechanic was that choosing the correct portal would allow the player to advance to the next world, while the rest would place them in the Cape, forcing them to leave with whatever prizes they found. Currently, whether or not the player advances to the next world is predetermined as soon as the White Key is acquired and the choice of portal inside the Phantom Crystal Dimension plays no role. Successfully reaching the final room earns the "Stroke of Luck" award.

In each world other than the first, there are three chests to be found, containing Git, Scripts, and Scrolls. Each successive world contains chests that yield better prizes. The Cape also contains low-quality prizes as consolation, on the off chance the player gets sent there on the first choice.

The chance of successfully advancing was 2 / 3 for the first world, 1 / 2 for the second world, 1 / 3 for the third world, 1 / 2 for the fourth world, and 12 / 30 (taking Varuo into consideration) for the fifth world. This came out to be 12 / 540, or about a 2.22% chance of reaching the final world. However, v2.1.2 changed it so the result of the White Key is determined upon its acquisition and the choices inside the Phantom Crystal Dimension no longer matter. The current rate of success is unknown but can be assumed to be similar to before.

From v1.7.5, the player has a 1% chance of accessing one of two bonus worlds in between any two worlds. These worlds do not have any portals, but will automatically advance the player to the next world once all their rewards have been collected. One world, depicted as a Ratle store with three straw dummies, dispenses High Class Scrolls. The other, depicted as Nuaru Uplands with a lot of cats, gives Light/Shadow points and 20 stamps for the Paw Stamp Album. The player cannot access a bonus world if they picked a portal that puts them at the Cape.

v2.2.4 adds a third bonus world, depicted as an Izana building, where the player can gain large amounts of Frag. of Attack or Frag. of Life.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

World Chest 1 Chest 2 Chest 3 Portals
I (Aldo's Room) - - -
  • Drawer
  • Window
  • Bed
II (Zol Plains)
  • Gold.png30,000 Git (70%)
  • Gold.png40,000 Git (20%)
  • Gold.png50,000 Git (10%)
  • Lake
  • Plant
III (Industrial Ruins)
  • Gold.png50,000 Git (70%)
  • Gold.png75,000 Git (20%)
  • Gold.png100,000 Git (10%)
  • Ladder A
  • Ladder B
  • Ladder C
IV (Acteul)
  • Gold.png100,000 Git (70%)
  • Gold.png200,000 Git (20%)
  • Gold.png300,000 Git (10%)
  • Boat
  • Lake
V (Baruoki)
  • Gold.png300,000 Git (70%)
  • Gold.png400,000 Git (20%)
  • Gold.png500,000 Git (10%)
  • Well
  • Balloon
  • Statue
  • Varuo*
Final (Elzion)
  • Gold.png1,000,000 Git (100%)
Cape (Palsifal Dungeon)
  • Gold.png10,000 Git (100%)
Bonus World (Ratle Shop) -
Bonus World (Nuaru Uplands)
  • Destiny ten item.png (Random weapon) x1 (?%)
  • Destiny mei item.png (Random weapon) x1 (?%)
  • Destiny ten item.png (Random weapon) x1 (?%)
  • Destiny mei item.png (Random weapon) x1 (?%)
  • Destiny ten item.png (Random weapon) x1 (?%)
  • Destiny mei item.png (Random weapon) x1 (?%)
Bonus World (Izana) -

*There is an estimated 5-10% chance to meet Varuo in Baruoki, waiting next to the chests on the map. Tap on him (even though there's no ! icon over him) to get a guaranteed warp to Elzion.

Sensationalist[edit | edit source]

Starting with v1.6.5, the Sensationalist can appear at the end of your run. He has a 1% chance of showing up in the Cape, and is a guaranteed encounter in the Final World. Should the player encounter him, he offers one free Treatise or Codex of their choice. (These are used for Another Style and Extra Style forms of characters.)

Paw Stamp Album[edit | edit source]

The kingly-looking cat

In v1.7.5, the Paw Stamp Album is added. It's awarded to the player on their next visit to the Dimension after updating the game.

Stamps are obtained from cats found in the Phantom Crystal Dimension, and can be redeemed in the First World for rewards. You can get one stamp in World II, III, IV, and the Cape. The bonus World with many cats allows the player to obtain 20 stamps at once.

To obtain the rewards below, talk to the kingly-looking cat sitting in front of the noticeboard. The reward(s) issued is based on the total Cat Stamps you've collected, and getting rewards will not consume your Cat Stamp count. Rewards after 400 Cat Stamps were added in v2.2.4. Once you accumulate enough stamps for the final available reward, you cannot get any more. The cat bonus World will not issue bonus stamps, but will still give Light and Shadow points.

Stamps Reward
1 END 15 Badge
3 SPR 15 Badge
5 LCK 15 Badge
10 SPD 15 Badge
15 INT 15 Badge
20 PWR 15 Badge
30 Destiny ten item.png (Katana) x5
40 END 20 Badge
50 SPR 20 Badge
60 LCK 20 Badge
70 SPD 20 Badge
80 INT 20 Badge
100 PWR 20 Badge
120 Destiny mei item.png (Staff) x5
140 END 25 Badge
160 SPR 25 Badge
180 LCK 25 Badge
200 SPD 25 Badge
220 INT 25 Badge
240 PWR 25 Badge
260 Destiny ten item.png (Staff) x5
280 END 30 Badge
300 SPR 30 Badge
320 LCK 30 Badge
340 SPD 30 Badge
360 INT 30 Badge
380 PWR 30 Badge
400 Destiny ten item.png (Fists) x5
420 END 35 Badge
440 SPR 35 Badge
470 LCK 35 Badge
500 SPD 35 Badge
530 INT 35 Badge
560 PWR 35 Badge
590 Destiny mei item.png (Katana) x5
620 HP +500 Badge
650 MP +40 Badge
680 END 20 SPR 20 Badge
710 INT 20 SPD 20 Badge
740 PWR 20 SPD 20 Badge
770 Destiny ten item.png (Lance) x5
800 HP +1000 Badge
830 MP +80 Badge
860 END 25 SPR 25 Badge
890 INT 25 SPD 25 Badge
920 PWR 25 SPD 25 Badge
950 Destiny mei item.png (Hammer) x5

Awards[edit | edit source]

Rank Name Requirement Reward
Copper Rank Badge.png Paw LoverCollect 10 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x5
Copper Rank Badge.png Bigger Paw LoverCollect 50 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x5
Copper Rank Badge.png Devoted Paw LoverCollect 100 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x5
Copper Rank Badge.png Obsessed Paw LoverCollect 200 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x10
Silver Rank Badge.png Uncontrollable Paw LoverCollect 300 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Gold Rank Badge.png Loved by PawsCollect 400 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x50
Copper Rank Badge.png Longing for PawsCollect 450 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Copper Rank Badge.png Longing for Paws Even MoreCollect 500 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Copper Rank Badge.png Intently Longing for PawsCollect 550 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Copper Rank Badge.png Obsessively Longing for PawsCollect 600 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.png Uncontrollably Longing for PawsCollect 650 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x40
Copper Rank Badge.png Yearning for PawsCollect 700 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Copper Rank Badge.png Yearning for Paws Even MoreCollect 750 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Copper Rank Badge.png Intently Yearning for PawsCollect 800 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Copper Rank Badge.png Obsessively Yearning for PawsCollect 850 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.png Uncontrollably Yearning for PawsCollect 900 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x40
Gold Rank Badge.png Idolizing PawsCollect 950 Paw Stamps.Gem.png x100
Gold Rank Badge.png Stroke of LuckArrive at the Last World.Gem.png x50