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202000007 icon.png216000002 icon.png Skull

General Information
Rarity 5
Element Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder
Attack Type Magic
Weapon Type 202000007 icon.png Hammer (Blunt)
Accessory Type 216000002 icon.png Bangle
Light/Shadow Type Guiding Light Icon.png Light Mementos (H-10% VH-20%)
Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Stat 5★ Min 5★ Max
HP 2500 3444
MP 290 413
PWR 93 206
INT 87 181
END 87 194
SPR 89 176
SPD 94 190
LCK 101 154

Other Data
Era Present
Id 101400011
Japanese Name スカル
Korean Name
Chinese Name
Obtain Side Story
Release Date Nov 17, 2020

A second year student at Shujin Academy. He comes off as a tough-guy type when he speaks, but his actions reveal a compassionate side. There was an incident at the school that got him labelled as a "problem student". After meeting Joker, he was able to awaken his Persona powers.
Character Quest Unlock Conditions
Guiding Light Icon.png Light Stat Bonuses [1]
5 SPD +5
15 LCK +10
30 HP +200
50 END +15
75 PWR +15
105 SPD +20
140 LCK +20
175 HP +400
215 END +25
255 PWR +30
Rarity Class Name
2★ Smasher
3★ Battle Mace
4★ Avenger
5★ Front Runner
Valor Chant Description
That's what I'm talking about! Critical rate +100% (3 moves) and Physical resistance +35% (3 turns)
289000004 upgrade undividable.png T. Front Runner Proof
HP +300 (900) PWR +5 (15 True)
Critical rate of user +100% (4 moves) and Physical resistance +35% (4 turns)

Skill Name
Ele Element 
Type Description Multiplier[2] MP
Skill Type Lunatic Thunder.png Lunatic Thunder Status 
Thunder Status Activate Lunatic Status on user (3 turns)
  • Charge: For each attack (including damage to self), add Thunder-type attack (XS)
    • Attack type is determined by the original attack
    • Regardless of whether there is an active Stance, additional attack increases AF bar by 0.5% and combo multiplier in AF by 1%
  • Lunatic replaces the basic attack button, can be used once per battle
20% × Mod
Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder 
Thunder Magic Thunder type magic attack on all enemies (S) + Power -10% (3 turns) and Inflict stun
90% × Mod
Skill Type 4 0.png Blunt 
None Blunt Blunt type attack on all enemies x1 to 3 (S) + Speed -30% (3 turns) 30
None Buff Thunder type attacks of all party members +30% (3 turns) 15
Skill Type 4 16.png Thunder Blunt 
Lightning Strike
Thunder Blunt Thunder type blunt attack on all enemies x3 to 4 (M) + Speed of user +30% 35
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
None Buff Power of user +30% and Intelligence of user +30% and Critical Damage of user +30% (1 turn)
  • When in Lunatic: Increase skill power: Power, intelligence and Critical damage +60%
Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder 
Thunder Magic Thunder type magic attack on all enemies (L) + Power -15% (3 turns) and Inflict stun 43
Skill Type 4 16.png Thunder Blunt 
Thunder Blunt Thunder type blunt attack on one enemy (XL)
  • When in Lunatic:
    • increases the amount of Another Force combo multiplier charge to ~x3 of normal
    • increases the Power of the skill (+200% to Multiplier)
Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder 
Thunder Magic Thunder type magic attack on all enemies (XL) + Power -20% (3 turns) and Inflict stun 53

Skill Name
Ele Element 
Type Description Multiplier
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
1 More
Passive 1 More: When weak, activate skill x2
  • Skill gets repeated for free when it hits an enemy's weakness.
  • For AoE skills, it only needs to hit at least one enemy's weaknesses.
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Baton Pass
Passive Switch front, Type attack+
  • User must switch from frontline to backline. The backline character moving forward receives the boost.
  • All damage increased by 50% for their next attack.
  • Valor Chant attacks are also affected by the damage boost.

※Mod refers to the INT/M.Atk-dependent Elemental Modifier value, which starts at 1 for new characters, and increases to between 1.5 and 2.0 for maxed-level 4/5★ characters.
Recommended list 
  • Personal Weapons
  • Manifest Weapons
  • Bonus DMG-type Weapons
  • No Max Raw Stats Here 
or Max Stats
Level ATK MATK Obtain Materials
211070401 ui.png Steel Pipe 60 153 153 Complete all 10 missions in Mementos (Another Dungeon)
  • Enhance Front Runner (Skull only)
    • SPD+ (20)

Character Roles detected in descriptions on this page by parser:

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  2. Skill effects and modifiers are investigated on this site