The 1000 Year Ark of the Ocean Palace

From Another Eden
The 1000 Year Ark of the Ocean Palace
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  • Completed Chapter 11
  • App must be updated to Ver. 1.3.100
Start Location Acteul
Reward Character Sheila
Dungeon Dragon Palace
Related Encounter -
Release Date May 8, 2019

Summary[edit source]

There is an old tale... It is said that a palace of pearls lies at the bottom of the ocean.
There, in the Otohime's paradise, an ancient law is passed down.
According to legend, there is an ark that must never be opened.

Time passes until the dawn of the Palsifal dynasty.
As an era of peace and calm ends, trouble is brewing in the ocean's depths.
After a chance meeting with a turtle, Aldo gets caught up in the turbulence.
As if swallowed up in the vortex of the thousand-year old-ark.

Bonus Characters[edit source]

Bonus Characters
Character Bonus Multiplier

Atlantis Pearls[edit source]

Atlantis Pearls are rewarded from Dragon Palace when opening treasure chests as well as defeating enemies. The amount of points rewarded is as follows:

Action Amount
Normal Hard Very Hard

Atlantis Pearls Rewards List[edit source]

Atlantis Pearls Rewards
Atlantis Pearls Reward
100 Medium Class Scroll x3
1,000 Chronos Stone x20
3,000 Luring Shadow (Ax) x2
6,500 Chronos Stone x20
10,000 Unexpected Worm x10
15,000 Murmur Script x5
20,000 Medium Class Scroll x3
25,000 Chronos Stone x20
30,000 Guiding Light (Ax) x2
37,500 Chronos Stone x20
45,000 Unexpected Worm x10
52,500 Murmur Script x5
60,000 Medium Class Scroll x3
70,000 Chronos Stone x20
80,000 Luring Shadow (Ax) x2
90,000 High Class Scroll x3
100,000 Prayer Script x3
110,000 Rakshasa Tome x1
120,000 Chronos Stone x50
130,000 Fish Stones x1
142,500 Guiding Light (Ax) x2
155,000 Chronos Stone x50
167,500 Murmur Script x5
182,500 High Class Scroll x3
197,500 Chronos Stone x50
212,500 Murmur Script x5
230,000 Luring Shadow (Ax) x3
247,500 Chronos Stone x50
265,000 Unexpected Worm x10
285,000 Prayer Script x3
305,000 High Class Scroll x3
325,000 Chronos Stone x50
350,000 Murmur Script x5
375,000 Guiding Light (Ax) x3
400,000 Chronos Stone x50
430,000 Unexpected Worm x10
460,000 Chant Script x1
490,000 High Class Scroll x3
525,000 Chronos Stone x50
560,000 Prayer Script x5
595,000 Luring Shadow (Ax) x3
635,000 Chronos Stone x50
675,000 Unexpected Worm x10
715,000 Chant Script x1
760,000 High Class Scroll x3
805,000 Chronos Stone x50
850,000 Fish Stones x3
900,000 Guiding Light (Ax) x3
950,000 Chronos Stone x50
1,000,000 Chant Script x1

Black Pearls

Black Pearls are rewarded from sparkle point in Dragon Palace (Very Hard):

Action Amount
Normal Hard Very Hard

Black Pearls Rewards List

Black Pearls Rewards
Black Pearls Reward
1 Fish Stones x1
5 High Class Scroll x5
10 Unexpected Worm x10
15 Luring Shadow (Staff) x5
20 High Class Scroll x5
25 Fish Stones x3
30 Guiding Light (Staff) x5
40 Chant Script x1
50 Otohime’s Trident

Quest Line[edit source]