Tutorial Encounter

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During the tutorial encounter, the following characters are available to choose from.

This decision is not too important, as the characters are all reliably obtainable over time and will mostly not see use after the early stages of the game, due to being rarity-capped to 4★. Furthermore, there are strong free characters that can be obtained early on.

However, it should be noted that Miyu and Ciel are required for their respective side stories, "Other Tales", which possess some notable rewards, and will unlock 5★ classes for them.

Bivette, May and Sevyn can also unlock 5★ classes, via different types of side stories. But, it is not required to own them to play said stories, unlike with Other Tales.

Notably, Sevyn's 5★ is one source of Wind Zone and May's is commonly used for EXP farming.

Each of these 5★ promotions will cost 1x of the rare Chant Scripts, while several free 5★ characters will not require any, so the 5★ potential of the tutorial characters need not influence your decision too much.

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