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There is content on this page that has not been released in the Global version yet.
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There is content on this page which has been machine translated from Japanese.
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The following is content currently released in the Japanese version which is expected to be released for Global based on the release date list from Gaym[1] and JP Notices[2].

An estimated time, with update interval of 15 days after last known update date, has also been included on when to expect the content in Global based on Japanese release dates (2017-04-12 Japanese Release Date); however, this timeline is entirely speculative and should not be taken as law. Keep in mind that the publisher shifts JP updates, and sometimes joins them for Global.

JP Version Content New Characters 5★ Rate Up
1x 1.0%
2x 0.8\0.8%
3x 0.8\0.4\0.4%
Japanese Release Date Estimated Global Release Date +15
  • Apocrypha: Wanderer in the Vortex
    • Episode 2: Fatum Argentauris
  • Grasta Quality of Life Updates
    • Awakening effect of Grasta Visible when not awakened
    • You can see the enhancement you place on the grasta on the menu
    • Quests that allow you to edit Grastas on the Menu rather than going to the cat shrine or Nekosama house.
2022-06-09 2022-09-09
  • Timetwised Maze Quality of Life Updates
    • Suspend from anywhere
    • OOPArts UI Changes
    • All Characters can reach level 80 in the maze
      • Added in 2.13.200
  • Manifestation: Lokido (Another Style)
Early ~07 
Sep, 2022
  • Uquaji Lvl 175 - 195 fights
  • Uquaji recruitment quest: "End and Beginning of the journey"
Late ~22 
Sep, 2022
2.13.81 2022-07-28
Early ~07 
Oct, 2022
  • Apocrypha: Wanderer in the Vortex
    • Episode 3: Swirling Fate and King of the Dead Country
Late ~22 
Oct, 2022
  • Battle Simulator Trials added
    • Trial of Raging Winds
    • Trial of Those who Breaks the Yoke of Causation
Early ~06 
Nov, 2022
2.14.21 2022-09-08
Late ~21 
Nov, 2022
  • Apocrypha: Wanderer in the Vortex Chapter 4-6
  • Main Story Part 3 The Chronos Empire Strikes Back
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