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The Weapon Manifestation Mechanic unlocks after completing Chapter 25 of the Main Story.

Manifest Weapons are personal weapons for specific characters. Not only do they have some of the highest stats in the game once fully upgraded, but as long as they are equipped to the relevant character, they can alter and improve the characters' skills to bring them up to par with stronger ones.

You can track which members of your roster have Manifestations available by looking in your menu → Records → Catalog → Manifestation. Maxed-out Manifestations are denoted with a crown on the character's icon.

To obtain a Manifest Weapon, you must first have the required character in your party, and their third character quest must be completed. For Another Style Manifests, you must complete the Another Style exclusive character quest to initiate. Another Styles count as separate characters and have Manifests of their own, so Suzette for instance will get Dark Heavenly Tears while Suzette (Another Style) gets Chaotic Dark Blossom. In cases where you have an AS character but only the 4-star version of their base style, you still can access the base character's Manifest fight once you've finished the third character quest, without needing to upgrade the base style to 5-star.

Travel to the northmost door in the Spacetime Rift and have the character interact with the mirror in the room. A boss battle with the embodiment of the unique weapon will ensue, which demonstrates some of the weapon's abilities. After you defeat it, you will obtain the weapon for yourself. The Manifest Weapon will initially only have a fraction of its power available, only giving a slight boost to one particular skill and middling weapon stats. To improve it, the weapon must gain experience from combat alone. Any character can wield the weapon to grant it experience, but it will not receive bonus experience from Experience Badges or Scrolls. As the weapon levels up, each level grants an additive 3% discount and 10% modifier bonus to one of the character's 5-star skills; from levels 6 to 10 it upgrades the other 5-star skill in the same way. It takes 37,443,359 EXP to max out the weapon, equating to about 20 runs in the Transitory Time Space (Very Hard), or to beating Stage 4 of Trial to Light the Darkness of Time 202 times.

Once the weapon reaches level 10, return to the mirror in the Spacetime Rift to initiate another boss fight. This second fight is a lot harder than the first, and may require a specialized team. If you succeed in this fight, the weapon will achieve its full potential, gaining a large bonus to its stats and enhancing its related character's two main skills.

You can return to rematch a maxed-out Manifest Weapon afterwards as long as you have the corresponding character in the party.

True Manifests

Certain select characters have True Manifest Weapons, available after you've obtained their LV10 regular Manifest Weapon. No additional grinding is needed - just revisit the mirror with the character in your party and you can initiate another Manifest boss fight. Bear in mind that the True Manifest boss fight will be more difficult than the LV10 one, showcasing new mechanics and having different phases and stoppers.

Once you best the True Manifest boss fight, your character's Manifest Weapon will upgrade one additional level, further enhancing their skills. The weapon itself will also bestow a large stat bonus when equipped to the associated character. Note that any skill upgrades will remain even if the True Manifest weapon is not equipped to the related character.

Available Manifest Weapons

Character Weapon Level ATK MATK Obtain Enemy Fight Link

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